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5 Little Known Haircare Tips You Need ASAP

You already know not to use lots of heat on your hair and that vigorously combing out knots causes breakage. However, following the usual advice isn’t producing the hair results you crave. It’s time to delve into some less common but seriously great hair-care tips. Go for a shinier, healthier head of hair when you use some of these secrets.

Shampoo Your Scalp

Your scalp is what gets oily, so concentrate your shampoo there. The rest of your hair, unless you’ve been swimming or gotten it dirty somehow, does fine with the shampoo that rinses through it while you wash your scalp. Use a gentle massaging motion to get all the oil cleansed from your scalp. Plus, it’s like giving yourself a mini head massage, so you end your shower feeling extra relaxed.

Run Dryer Sheets Over Static-Ridden Hair

Static is annoying and feels impossible to get rid of. In winter especially, hair often sticks to everything thanks to static. To get rid of it, run a dryer sheet over your hair starting at your scalp and going all the way down. Keep your combs and brushes from adding static to your hair by rubbing a dryer sheet over them before you use them.

Wash Colored Hair in Cold Water

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You already know styling tools damage your hair if you use them too frequently or set the temperature too high. Hot water wears out the color in your hair the same way. Keep your freshly dyed locks vibrant for longer by washing your hair in cold water. Hate taking cold showers? Wash your hair in cold water, then twist it up in a clip and keep it out of the warm water while you finish your shower.

Condition Before You Swim

Chlorine dries out and damages hair (plus, pool water can add a greenish hue to lighter colored hair.) To prevent chlorine damage, wet your hair before you swim. Comb conditioner through all of your hair, and leave it in. Your hair will absorb the conditioner and not the chlorine. You’ll look like you’ve already jumped in the pool, but once you swim nobody will notice.

Skip the Hair Treatments in Favor of Aloe

Aloe vera is a natural way to condition your hair that leaves your locks fuller and shinier than before. Try using a couple drops of aloe vera gel next time you’re in the shower after you shampoo. Work it through your hair like you would conditioner, then rinse it out after a couple of minutes. For a more serious treatment, use aloe vera as a hair mask. Leave it on your hair for half an hour, then rinse.

Remember that most hair-care changes take a few weeks to show significant results, so don’t give up if you don’t see a big improvement after one shower. Keep adjusting your hair-care routine until you achieve the results you want. Use these tips in lieu of harsh styling chemicals and lots of heat. Healthy hair is always in style.

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