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World’s top places to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a time to enjoy and celebrate. It has become a global festival and erasing all the boundaries of religion. Christmas is celebrated worldwide and there is various tradition of celebrating Christmas in the New Year. Many people erect Christmas tree, decorate their homes and visit family or friends. People usually express their love and best wishes on the eve of Christmas and exchange gift. This is the common tradition of celebrating Christmas. But try something new on this Christmas. Try to explore a new culture and new tradition of celebrating Christmas today we will talk about the world’s top 7 places to celebrate the Christmas.

  1. Vienna, Austria

Christmas has a big welcome at Vienna. The most interesting thing is that in Vienna Christmas is still celebrated in the old style. You can feel the smell of gluhwein in the air. The whole city is decorated with beautiful lights. Markets are full of traditional jewelry and decorative house items. Churches got a look like a king’s place.

  1. Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock is a town in Windsor County, Vermont. It’s most famous for its Christmas celebration. Whole grounds are covered with light snowfall. The scent of pine needle always remains in the air. Visitors enjoyed the shopping in local markets. All the restaurant served typical local flavors on their menu.

  1. Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Rovaniemi is the best place to celebrate Christmas on the earth. at Christmas time its frozen winters in Finland. At Christmas time an arctic snow hotel is constructed here. Which is entirely made of snow? People from all parts of the world come to this hotel to celebrate their Christmas vacations.

  1. Strasbourg, France

Here a themed village is specially decorated for Christmas theme. Whole city is decorated in kings style. Decoration is made by using lights and Christmas tree. You can easily find traditional Christmas biscuits her in the city. Various concert and cultural events are organized on the eve of Christmas.

  1. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is always celebrating town of Belgium. But near Christmas it fills with a new joy and excitement. A snow and ice sculpture festival is held near Christmas time in Bruges. Many artist take place in the festival and show their art work. Visitor come here and enjoys the festival of Christmas together with watching the art work done by artist.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is must visit destination of Netherlands. Amsterdam is place where celebration never stops and when it comes Christmas time you cannot imagine what kind of celebration arrangement are make here. There is more than 26 market s and all the markets are well decorated and lighten up in the eve of Christmas. Markets are full of decorated item and other things. Churches are well decorated and people go to these churches and click beautiful pictures.

  1. Newyork

Christmas at New York is always a fascinating experience. Whole New York City is decorated with beautiful lights and celebration is filled in the air. Amazing firework is main attraction in the city.

These are above are the some of the most famous destination for celebrating Christmas. So check and plan where you would like to go this Christmas.

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