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5 Ideas to Get Your Home Saving More Energy

Are you in for a shock each time you open your electricity bill? The average household electricity bill is $111 each month, which is no small change.

However, you may be surprised that there are plenty of easy ways to have an energy saving home, cutting your energy use and lowering your power bill.

If you’ve had it with high electricity payments and want to have a more energy-efficient home, keep reading for five ideas to save on power.

1. To Create an Energy Saving Home, Switch to Solar Power

One of the most effective ways to become more environmentally friendly at home is by switching to solar power.

If you use solar, your home will be powered by renewable energy from the sun and you’ll reduce your dependence on traditional electricity, powered by fossil fuels. You’ll be helping the environment and saving money, an excellent combination.

To get started, find a solar company in your area and contact them for more information.

2. Add Weather Stripping to Windows

If your home is drafty, cold air is coming in through exposed space on your windows and doors—which means you’re probably cranking up the heat to keep the house warm.

To avoid bumping up your heating all winter, add weather stripping or extra insulation around your windows or any door frames that tend to be drafty. It’s easy to do and a cost-effective way to help keep power costs down.

3. Install New Lightbulbs

Another easy way to save energy is by replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.

LED or compact fluorescent bulbs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs, so make the switch today to light your house with less power.

4. Turn Off Lights As You Leave Each Room

It’s one of the easiest ways to save on power, but something we often forget—turn off the lights as you leave each room. There’s no need to leave lights on when you’re not in a room, so get in the habit of always turning them off.

If you tend to forget, you may want to install a smart home lighting system, which lets you turn lights off and on via your smartphone.

5. Air Dry Clothes and Bedding

On warm days, why not dry your clothes the old-fashioned way—on a clothesline?

Dryers use tons of electricity and aren’t very energy-efficient, so save your power and instead use the power of the sun to dry your clothes in no time at all.

Create an Eco-Friendly Home with These Tips

Are you ready to enjoy an energy saving home? It will not only reduce your power bills, but it will also benefit the environment, so everyone’s a winner.

To get started, try to incorporate some of the tips above into your daily lifestyle–before you know it, you’ll be using less power without compromising your lifestyle.

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