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Healthy Lifestyle- An indicator of Quality Life

A healthy life is not only helping to stay fit currently, but also provides you long-life benefits. Doing regular exercise, a balanced diet and organic food are the key factors to maintain the right weight and body mass index. In addition to this, it also reduces the risk of prone to deadly diseases such as cancer, obesity, cardiac arrest, or diabetes. On the other hand, it enhances your look and always feels refreshed and active. Minor changes in lifestyle help the body to stay energetic and reducing the risk of diseases- having light meals on inactive days, more exercise, healthy food intake and eat high calories foods occasionally. Small initiatives can help to bring drastic changes in the lifestyle to boost your health.

Food Selection for a healthy lifestyle:

Many food diets are available in the market to follow to reduce or increase the weight, but to maintain an ideal weight combination of foods, vegetables and fruits are required. A healthy food combination should include all the nutrients proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to achieve good health. You can create a food chart to include all kinds of food to eat within a customized calorie range. Many health studies revealed that sweets, sugar are high in sugar which needs to be avoided and the same applies to salty foods as well. Use expert advice to decide your intake to balance the consumption of nutrients.

To encapsulate, a balanced diet includes the following set of food:

  1. A perfect combination of vegetables, salad, and fruits
  2. The full content of cereals and bread, pasta, and rice at every meal and it is advisable to have whole grains assortments.
  3. Milk products including yogurt, milk, and cheese- should be consumed in a short amount.
  4. Some non-vegetarian and seafood such as eggs, chicken, and fish.
  5. A small amount of drinks and foods contains fat or sugar- it is a mandatory requirement of the body
  6. Try to avoid processed and oily foods to save the body from heart diseases.


It is not required to consume if you are following a perfect combination of all foods. A special requirement which is folic acid, which is mandatory for a pregnant female. She should take an ample amount of folic drink each day after a prescription from a doctor.

Quantity of food matters:

For a better lifestyle, you can follow a guide on how to eat food in the right quantities. It helps you to maintain the balance between energy and nutrients. For children, food with the same nutrients can be bartered to change the taste of the tongue.

Few of the key points, which anyone can follow to monitor the diet:

  1. Drink six to eight cups liquid in a day
  2. Minimum five portions of fruits, vegetables daily of different types
  3. Consume unsaturated oils in small amounts
  4. Eat beans, pulses, fish, egg and other protein-rich foods
  5. Choose low-fat dairy foods, the curd is a good option for good digestion.

Few success factors are shared above, all these will work perfectly with continuous exercise to stay healthy and away from medical treatments.

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