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New Ways to Care for Yourself This Fall

As the new season begins to unfold, it’s a good time to reflect on your self-care routine. Have you been able to handle your stress and anxieties, or do you frequently feel like you’re suppressing everything and keeping busy instead? While it is helpful to stay focused on goals, avoiding any negative emotions only creates a build-up that’s harder to surmount later. Let fall be a new beginning for you as you begin to reflect and rejuvenate through a new self-care routine. This is an ongoing journey, so remind yourself it is always important to consider new ways to bring comfort and serenity into your life.

Unplug in the Mornings

When you wake up, what’s the first thing you do? Many people will say they immediately roll over and check their phones, which puts a stream of information, stressful reminders and deadlines in your mind before you’ve even greeted the day. Make a commitment to not check your phone for at least an hour after rising. This gives you plenty of time to get out of bed, do a simple stretching routine and enjoy your breakfast. It can be difficult to adjust to this at first; you might even feel like you’re skipping out on responsibilities. But you are more than your obligations. Work, even if you love it, doesn’t define your life, and it shouldn’t define how you start every day, either.

Explore Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

If you struggle with chronic pain or a qualifying mental health disorder, medical marijuana may be able to provide you with the relief you deserve. Look into getting a MMJ Card in Mount Vernon, NY with this easy process. After a short evaluation, you can connect with a compassionate medical marijuana doctor right at home without having to make an appointment or worry about travelling to any office.

Start Taking Lunch Outdoors

Quarantine kept us cooped up during the first half of the year, and for those who took social distancing seriously, that meant summer was mostly spent inside. Now that the weather is cooling off, enjoy lunch outside. If you work in an office and don’t have anywhere to eat outside, consider going for a short walk instead. The point is to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes each afternoon outside. This is another prime time to disconnect and avoid scrolling through social media or responding to emails. Just make sure you do still bring your phone along if you’re going out for a walk, though. Safety first.

Think About Adding a Pet to the Family

Pets are more responsibility, but they can also be a wonderful source of stability and companionship. Pets encourage you to get up on the days its hardest, and they can provide a beacon of light, hope and boundless love when you are struggling and feeling alone. There are thousands upon thousands of wonderful cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets available for adoption throughout the country. You can look online for local shelters and browse their available pets; if you have a specific breed in mind, there are many purebred rescues you can look up in your state as well.

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