Overcoming Writer’s Block in College

A writer’s block is one of the most common problems for college students. The fact is that dozens of tricky assignments become a real disaster for young people. Sometimes the academic workload is so severe that some people become depressed. Imagine that you cannot even write a couple of sentences. What if you have been sitting in front of the computer for hours? So how do you overcome writer’s block in college? Here are some key tips to help you.

Take a Walk in the Park

Sometimes it is enough to walk in the park or along a beautiful alley to get a little abstract from the daily routine. Surely you will be happy to break from the daily bustle and enjoy the fresh air. By getting enough oxygen, your brain will be able to take on new tasks more efficiently. Of course, this trick does not always work, but you have a chance to solve your writing problem within a couple of hours. Try to take a walk for at least 30 minutes to abstract from your assignment.

Read a Memoir or Listen To Music

When you are tired of any activity, you should switch your attention to the diametrically opposite task. For example, you can read a book or memoir or listen to music. Make a playlist and listen to your favorite songs when inspiration leaves you. Surely you will be able to overcome your writer’s blocks and get back to generating new ideas. As a rule, this trick always works because the brain temporarily switches to new tasks and “rests” so that you can concentrate on your essay with redoubled enthusiasm.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes students need to change their environment to overcome writer’s blocks. What if you don’t feel comfortable writing your papers in a library or stuffy dorm room? Perhaps you should go to the nearest park and sit on a bench. Grab your laptop or tablet and try to create at least a couple of paragraphs. Perhaps the rustle of leaves or the sound of the wind will help you abstract from the routine and everyday surroundings. In any case, you will have a good time and get some fresh air.

Ask for Academic Assistance

Sometimes students need a good example so that they don’t waste time trying to write at least a couple of sentences. What if you are a first-year student and have no writing experience? In this case, you need to visit any reliable writing service and hire a speedypaper writer to delegate your essay or other assignments. In addition, you will be able to look at how to write essays, and you will surely cope with the next assignment. Surely professionals will help you deal with your problem quickly.

Use a Pen and Paper

Modern students cannot imagine the process of writing assignments without a computer or tablet. But what if your normal typing patterns no longer work? What if you feel discomfort while using the keyboard? You should use pen and paper to write a new essay in this case. Perhaps you will feel different emotions and be able to come up with a good introduction. For many students, pen and paper are an opportunity to take a non-standard approach to create assignments. So this is how you may overcome your writer’s block.

Work On A Different Section

There are situations when students can’t do anything with the introduction. What if you sit in front of a screen for half an hour and don’t know which quote or question you should use? Maybe it’s time to work on another section. What if you start with body paragraphs? This approach is good because you first start with the main ideas and judgments and only then start writing the most ambiguous part. You may be burned to use any arguments that will radically change your opinion while writing an essay. Try this trick, and you will see that any writer’s block is just an opportunity to look at the problem differently.

Look for Paper Samples

Let’s say you have chosen a tricky topic and are not ready to cope with your assignment without outside help. But what if you look for paper samples on the Internet? The chances are that someone has already researched your topic before, and now you have a good example. Such a strategy is especially relevant for first-year students who do not yet have experience and spend a lot of time on their papers.


Any writer’s block is a challenge that you can overcome. Take any delay as a challenge to improve your writing skills. Don’t be afraid to take drastic measures and unconventional ways to solve writing problems. In any case, you will cope with temporary obstacles, no matter what happens. You need not panic and follow the plan. The above tricks will help you stand out from the crowd and keep writing your essay.

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