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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that more than 33 percent of women consider getting hair extensions an essential part of their beauty routine? Two of the most popular options for women who are looking at getting extensions are raw hair and virgin hair. When it comes to raw hair vs. virgin hair, there are some major differences that you need to consider.

Both will give you that luscious look that you’re looking for when it comes to your hair and overall aesthetic. The good news is that you’ve found a great article that acts as both a virgin hair guide and a raw hair guide on your journey to get extensions in your hair.

Keep reading this article to learn more about virgin hair and raw hair today!

What Is Raw Hair?

Raw hair stands out as an option for extensions because it is 100 percent human hair. It’s one of the most unprocessed options out there if you’re set on adding extensions to your hair. You can rest assured that no chemicals have gotten added and no steam treatment has occurred with raw hair.

You won’t find a purer form of extensions on the market than raw hair, which is great since it means that it will last for years. It will give you the natural look that you’re going for and you can enjoy that look for a long time into the future. All you’ll need to do is shop around and look at your favorite options on an online hair store.

What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is arguably the most popular option out there if you’re looking at adding extensions to your hair. It’s normal for hair companies to advertise that they offer virgin hair, though many of these ads are false advertisements or even scams.

Virgin hair is the term that gets used for hair that hasn’t gone through any chemical processing treatments. That means that no color treatment has occurred and the hair has never been permed, bleached, or dyed.

Some of the most popular options out there when it comes to virgin hair are Peruvian, Brazilian, and Malaysian hair. Peruvian hair is known for how coarse and dark it is, while Brazilian hair is known for having a bright shine to it. Malaysian hair is great if you’re going for a thick and rich appearance with your hair extensions.

Keep in mind that the hair didn’t necessarily come from those countries. It’s common for the extensions industry to name hair options so that customers can reference them based on the different traits and qualities that they provide.

Now You Know the Difference Between Raw Hair vs. Virgin Hair

The ultimate decision when it comes to getting hair extensions is whether to go with raw hair vs. virgin hair. Raw hair is a great option because you can breathe easy knowing that it’s 100 percent natural hair that hasn’t gotten treated with chemicals. Virgin hair is the top-of-the-line option if you’re looking to get extensions since it is the purest option out there.

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