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Designing Real Estate Signs – What to Do and What Not

When it comes to installing real estate signs, things are not that easy as you may initially think. If you are a property owner or a real estate agent, there may be many requirements for proper signage for which you need to plan well and execute it desirably to get the expected results. Primarily, you have to come up with simplistic and attractive designs, but it is also important to consider the same impact when you have promotional goals.

For beginners into real estate signage, we will discuss a few tips to consider to make your real estate signs more attractive and welcoming.

Usage of colors

The various colors you use on your banners and signs may imply various messages. For example, as designers know, white color is associated with personal matters, which may vary from person to person. In terms of the US culture, green is associated mostly with money and the environment.

Choice of best color for real estate signs may largely depend on your objective of the signage. Consider what impression you want to give and what results you expect. If you represent a brand, the ideal approach is to feature your logo and brand colors prominently for easy recognition. However, along with using the brand colors, you need also to make sure that it should go along well with the purpose and the surroundings of the signage. To achieve perfect accuracy, you may consider various colors and virtually evaluate those for efficacy.

Using high-quality images

If you consider putting an image or use a graphic on your banners, it is important to be careful about it. One mistake people tend to make here is using low-quality images that may look blurred or grainy on the sign once you print it. Rather than pixelated images, it is more advisable to use vector images, which will not lose clarity even if they are increased in size. Here are a few important things to know about the usage of quality images.

  • Vector images – these types of images are like line art graphics that maintain the consistency of colors and clarity even while resizing.
  • Raster or bitmap images These images consist of tiny dots, which can lose clarity if expanded beyond a certain size.

So, you should save your file for a banner or real estate signage printing, always keep it as a vector file. Doing this will make sure that you do not lose clarity when the image is resized.

It is strictly not advisable to compromise on the image clarity on print when you are making custom real estate signs. As your objective is to increase the value of your property and find out the best sales deals, it is important to give a feel that you do it in a professional and trustable way with the help of professional-looking signage.

If you fail to do this task all on your own, it is advisable to get the assistance of a professional designer and sign-making provider with whom you can share your needs and get the task done perfectly. However, all such printers may not be good, for which also you need to do a thorough groundwork and identify the most reliable and professional service providers in this industry.

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