RV Electric Hookup

RV Electric Hookup: The Steps to Take to Get Power

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a cross-country trip in your RV and then relax at your favorite RV campgrounds?

Well, that’s only possible with an RV electric hookup. This lets you keep your RV powered at all times.

It also ensures you can have A/C running in the summer and heating in the winter.

This ensures you’ll have no problems cooking or accessing running water.

Here’s how an RV electric hookup works:

30 AMP and 50 AMP

The most common options for RV hookups are 30 AMP and 50 AMP systems. The former is ideal for smaller RVs, and the latter is for larger RVs with premium features.

30 AMP systems use 3,600 watts of power. 50 AMP systems use over 12,000 watts of power. With 30 AMP systems, running multiple appliances requires a lot more work.

For example, suppose you run your stove, microwave, TV, and A/C simultaneously. The system will likely stop running with so many appliances working.

For this many applications, a 50 AMP system is superior. You’ll have to choose what your priorities are when choosing an RV.

You want to ensure you have as much comfort as possible at the campgrounds.

If you’re looking for great places to see with your RV, you can view destinations to find the best spots.

How to Operate an RV Electric Hookup

Now let’s see how to set up your RV electric hookup once you reach your favorite campground.

First, you must turn off the breaker. Wait a few minutes before you go any further. Scrutinize the power pedestal to check for any issues before proceeding further.

Next, connect your RV to the electric hookup with a surge protector. This prevents any electrical hazards.

Once you’ve connected your RV, you can turn on your breaker. You can use a tester to see if it’s working to full capacity.

You can turn on your power now. Once again, wait a few minutes before using any appliances. Once you finish using the appliances, turn off the power and breaker.

Best Practices

Let’s look at a few best practices with an RV electric hookup. You want to bring adapters with you at all times.

These are necessary if you need additional power. You might have a 50 AMP system, but the campsite only offers 30 AMP.

An adapter gives you an extra boost of electricity.

Always inspect your power cables before connecting to your RV. If there’s the slightest lesion, make sure you get it repaired professionally.

It’s also ideal to have a few backup cables.

That’s How an RV Electric Hookup Works

Now you know how an RV electric hookup powers your motorhome at the campground.

30 AMP systems are great for smaller RVs. This works if you only need to handle a few appliances. For greater capacity, you must use a 50 AMP system.

Always check the breaker and use surge protectors when connecting to your RV. Use our best practices to avoid any hazards when powering your RV.

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