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Slip and Fall Accidents: 4 Things You Should Know About Them

Slip and fall accidents might seem like a minor thing but in reality, they can result in serious injuries like fractures, bruises, sprains, strains, traumatic brain or spine injuries to name a few. Official statistics reveal that slips and falls are the leading cause that leads to emergency room visits. As no one is safe from accidents like these, it is important to understand the reasons behind falls and figure out ways to prevent them. Here are 4 things you should consider about slip and falls accidents. Without further Ado, let’s start.

1. Seeking Medical Attention

Protecting your physical and mental health should be the priority if you ever experience an injury from a slip or fall. As mentioned earlier, injuries like these might not seem like a major issue but can cause physical injuries that can go unnoticed. Therefore, it is crucial to get yourself evaluated by emergency care professionals so that you get the required emergency medical services on time. Let’s read on to know a bit about injuries that require immediate medical attention and can result in serious health complications, ultimately affecting the quality of life.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord carries nerve signals that are sent and received by the brain, making it an integral part of the human nervous system. Minor spinal cord injuries might take time to heal and are recoverable whereas serious spinal cord injuries might lead to permanent health issues and even result in permanent disabilities. Spinal nerve damage is the most common type of injury that can result in paralysis.

  • Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can leave the victims to experience symptoms that affect daily activities. Depending on the type of injury, symptoms can last from a few days to months. Other injuries include fractures that can also affect the quality of life, leaving you unable to walk for a couple of weeks.

2. Getting Legal Help

Slip and fall accidents can occur due to negligence from either your side or when others fail to provide adequate safety measures at their premises. If the injury occurred due to someone else’s mistake, you are advised by the law to file a personal injury claim. Being familiar with your rights is crucial; personal injury consultants working at Kendall Law Firm suggest gathering information regarding the incident and evaluating the reasons that led to the accident. This information will help in recognizing who’s at fault and let you understand the right way to proceed further. As there are a lot of personal injury lawyers and attorneys providing consultation services, it is best to contact several to get an idea of the type of services being offered. Furthermore, you can discuss your case with them to be clear on the possible outcomes of the lawsuit you want to pursue.

3. Avoid Sharing Details

After an injury, you are more likely to feel disoriented, shaken, and disturbed. At this moment, refrain from talking and sharing the incident with others around. Avoiding sharing information is crucial as you don’t know whether the information you shared can be used against you in court. After you have regained control of your senses, contact your attorney right away and inform them of the accident. In industries, offices, and related workplaces, It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure workplace injuries don’t occur. In case you have experienced a workplace injury, you might need to collect evidence in the form of video footage, photos, witness statements, clothing you used, and the weather conditions. Collecting this information will better represent your case and help achieve the best possible outcomes. 

4. Accepting Offers

Besides refraining from sharing details and collecting evidence, remember to never sign any document before you evaluate your options. There are high chances that you might be contacted by the insurance company and offer compensation for your loss. However, the offered amount is normally less than the actual financial loss encountered. Therefore consider talking to a personal injury attorney as you might be deserving a greater amount than the offered one. Accepting the offer presented by the insurance company will limit your right of filing a lawsuit for personal injury compensation. Give yourself time to think and evaluate the case to ensure you are making the right decisions. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

and fall injuries drastically affect the quality of life, limit daily activities, and most importantly result in financial losses that take time to recover. The best way to move forward is by claiming compensation for your injuries. Lastly, make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to know the possible outcomes and decide the path that would facilitate you in the long run.

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