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Smoking Culture Around the World: 4 Examples

Smoking is something that takes place in every single one of the world’s countries. Different countries have different traditions, though. Some smoke tobacco while others marijuana. If you are somebody with an interest in smoking, whether that’s because you like to smoke yourself or because the psychology behind it interests you, this is the article for you. In this post, you will learn about four of the best examples of unique smoking cultures. including shop Dinner Lady nic salts vape juice. Learning about different smoking cultures will help you to get more out of smoking as you’ll learn new traditions you can incorporate into your life.


Shisha is a smoking culture that’s unique to Arab and Muslim countries. The experts from HQD make this clear on their website. However, with large-scale immigration out of the Middle East, shisha smoking has arrived in cities around the world. It is in fact extremely popular in places like the United States nowadays, especially with college students. Shisha smoking is a great way to relax. It’s definitely something to consider doing if you are a fan of smoking in general. Make sure that you find a good bar to go to near you if you want to try it out.


The use of Cannabis has never been more prevalent than it is today. In the United States, nearly everybody smokes it, from gamers to sports professionals. If you are a fan of Cannabis, then it’s definitely worth applying for a license if you need to. Jamaica is the place that comes to mind when you think about Cannabis culture, though. Jamaicans are notorious for their ability to smoke copious amounts of Cannabis without seeming to get affected. If you like Cannabis, then it’s definitely worth taking a trip to Jamaica. While it is not legal there, it is abundant. 

The Americas

In the Americas, peace pipes are commonly smoked and used. Peace pipes are used by indigenous peoples in sacred ceremonies. They are also used in other parts of the world. In some places (like in Asia) you can turn up to a peace pipe session and partake in it. In the Americas, this is not as common, as peace pipes are used for rituals and ceremonies. If you are planning a trip to the Americas and want to try out peace pipes, consider hiring a guide and asking them to take you to a Native American reservation.


In Europe, smoking tobacco is also very common. It does need to be noted though that traditionally, tobacco was smoked out of pipes. Now it’s usually smoked in cigarettes. If you are somebody with an interest in European smoking cultures, you will be pleased to know that they are alive and well today. If you plan on visiting Europe, smoke shops can be found in large cities in abundance. Bear in mind though that unlike Cannabis, tobacco is very bad for your health and should not be smoked regularly. When you do smoke it, even in small amounts, there are still risks.

Smoking is something you can find all over the world. No matter where you go, you will find smokers. If you are interested in learning more about the world’s diverse smoking cultures then there are books you can buy dedicated exclusively to the topic. This post just scratches the surface.

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