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4 Amazing Facts About Solar in North Carolina

According to research by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), installation of solar in North Carolina peaked in 2015 and then again in 2017. While there was a drop in 2020 and 2021, likely due to pandemic effects, utility solar still held firm.

So just how much of North Carolina is running on solar power? Read on to find out this compelling solar energy fact and so much more!

1. Solar Creates Jobs in North Carolina

The SEIA report also states that there are well over 6,000 jobs in the solar industry in North Carolina to date–a figure that’s looking to expand over the next few years rapidly.

In terms of employers, there are more than 250 solar businesses in the state, spread across panel manufacturers, solar system installers and developers, and periphery companies. This gives consumers and business owners a lot of opportunities to get an estimate that appeals.

2. Solar’s Getting Cheaper in North Carolina

Prices for solar have fallen by almost 40 percent in the past five years, and this is across the board: solar installation, system development, manufacturing, repair, and more.

At the same time, the number of installations currently sits at close to 25,000. In fact, North Carolina has the second-largest solar energy creation capacity (by solar installation volume) of all American states.

3. North Carolina Leads the Country in Solar Shepherding

Speaking of solar jobs, North Carolina is paving the way for an innovative solar-related farming job. It’s a symbiotic agricultural method dubbed solar shepherding.

Big corporations like Apple, Corning, and IKEA have developed sizeable solar energy farms in North Carolina. They’re taking advantage of the state government’s attractive tax incentives. Of course, these farms need to be maintained: you can’t have grass and plants obscuring the panels or blocking maintenance access.

And that’s where sheep come in. They graze the land under the panels, keeping it trimmed and saving the management companies money in the process.

4. The NC Climate Is Ideal for Solar

Whether you’re in Durham or Charlotte, solar installation is likely the right choice for your home or business. And that’s all down to the lucky coincidence that North Carolina is blessed with short, mild winters and lengthy, sun-filled summers and mild winters.

This means you’ll see more return on your investment because you’ll maximize the potential of the solar panels. While it’s not quite up there with Nevada in terms of annual sun hours, it still ranks pretty high among all American states.

Now You Know All About Solar in North Carolina

Whether you’re investing in solar for your home, to save money in your business, or installing a solar farm on vacant land, solar in North Carolina makes sense. The state has lots of sunshine, at least in the summer, numerous tax incentives for solar installation, and many quality installation companies.

For more on the solar industry across America, head back to our blog now.

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