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Choosing the Right Solar Panel Installer: 5 Pro Tips

It’s no secret that the solar industry is bigger than ever. Now that the price of solar has dropped, people everywhere are looking to install solar panels for their homes. That’s why there are almost 20,000 solar installation companies in the United States.

With the number of options you have for installing solar panels, you may face challenges when looking for someone to handle the job. Use the five tips below to find the best solar panel installer.

1. Find a Local Provider

Even if a national solar panel company has the experience needed to install your solar panel, that doesn’t mean they’re the right company for the job. Every location has a different set of building codes that you need to follow. If someone is new to your area, they may not be familiar with those rules.

A local provider will know the local building codes. You can rely on them to do the job right the first time and not get a failing grade when the inspector verifies your solar installation.

2. Examine the Warranties

Not all solar installations will go smoothly. Even the most experienced installers will face issues from time to time. The question is, will that happen when they work on your solar panel project?

You need warranties for both labor and products to protect yourself in these situations. Your warranty will cover any issues to ensure you don’t pay extra money to get a working solar installation.

3. Get Multiple Quotes

It’s hard to find many solar companies that charge the same price when you’re looking to install solar panels on your home. That means you need to reach out to multiple companies to find someone that will give you a good deal.

Try to get at least three quotes when looking at the solar panel installation cost. You’ll need to compare the cost of the solar panels and labor. Look for the company that provides the most value for the money, not for a company that offers you the lowest price.

4. Look Into Scheduling

It’s one thing to find a solar installation company that can handle the job. It’s another thing to get them to your home in a timely manner to get the job done.

With how popular solar is these days, solar installation companies have a lot of work. That means that some of their projects will get pushed out for a long time. If you want to get your installation completed soon, make sure an installation company can work with you on your timeline.

5. Check on Reviews

It’s not a good idea to hire any contractor without learning what past customers think of their service. It’s easy for a company to put on a good show when you speak with them. However, knowing how to sell doesn’t make you suitable to handle a solar panel installation job.

Online reviews are a great way to filter out lousy installation companies. A quick search will help you find the top solar company in your area and tell you what past customers think of their service. 

Not Every Solar Panel Installer Can Handle the Job

Solar energy is an up-and-coming market, so many contractors are entering the industry to take advantage of the new demand. However, not all solar panel installers are going to be able to handle the job. Use the tips above to find someone that can install your new solar panels with success.

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