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Struggling With Back Pain? Here Are A Few Effective Solutions

Can you tell us you’re an adult without saying you’re an adult? That’s easy, just hold your back and yell from the pain as you walk, sit, talk, or do anything at all. It may take you a while to get it right, but you’ll technically become a pro by your thirties. Some people even achieve that feat as early as their twenties. 

Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common ailments in adults of all ages, though it tends to get worse in seniors. Although we joke about it, it can get too severe that it starts interfering with your daily activities and responsibilities. Even if it’s under control, the persistent pain lurking in the background of your day is enough to drive anyone crazy with frustration. 

There are various causes and different types of back pain. You’re better off visiting a specialized physician to narrow down the cause of your pain and learn how to treat or manage it. However, until you get to that, here are a few effective solutions to help you tone down that aggravating pain.

Rest Well

Getting a good night’s rest can go a long way in helping you recover a bit from your pain. Unfortunately, most of those suffering from back can’t sleep well because of the pain. So the back pain causes insomnia and chronic insomnia makes the pain worse – it’s one tricky vicious cycle, isn’t it? Though that might be the case, you can try to put some extra effort into setting up a comfortable sleep environment. For starters, invest in quality mattresses that are comfortable to sleep on. Make sure the pillow supports your neck properly, and consider getting a second pillow to help with your posture. Back sleepers can use a pillow under their lower back, side sleepers can use one between their knees or thighs, and stomach sleepers can try putting a pillow under their pelvis. 

Exercise Regularly

Hearing anything about movement can be a trigger, so imagine hearing someone tell you to exercise. Are they crazy? You can barely move without screaming from the pain as it is! Ironically though, exercising is one of the best ways to, not only deal with back pain but also to treat it. Chances are, the back pain results from the excess stress being placed on your spinal column, but what happens if you strengthen the muscles surrounding it? They’ll carry most of the load placed on it. The result is that you’ll feel stronger, more refreshed, and miraculously pain-free. However, it’s important to note that you should start an exercise regimen without consulting with your physician first. Try starting with gentle exercises of yoga if you’re not sure you can do strenuous exercise. 

Get Physical Therapy

Sometimes, the cause of back pain is more serious than a simple sprain or weak muscles. Back pain that results from years of strenuous work, bad posture, or an acute injury requires professional help. For instance, in cities like Burnaby, BC, where more than 85% of its population work in the service sector, it’s not uncommon to find most of the adults complaining from upper, lower, and middle back pain. Instead of taking matters into their own hands, it’s better to look for clinics that provide physiotherapy Burnaby locals are comfortable with, to get the professional help they need. Physiotherapy makes use of a wide spectrum of technologies that help muscle recuperation and spinal rehabilitation. In simple words, it can do wonders in relieving acute pain and boosting strength. 

Maintain a Good Posture

We know that when you get too focused on work, you forget about everything else. But that doesn’t mean you’re excused for failing to keep the good posture for the most part of your day. One of the biggest causes of back pain is bad posture, which can happen when you’re sitting, standing, walking, exercising, moving objects, or basically doing any kind of movement. The key concept here is that if you exert pressure on your spine in the wrong way, you’re going to feel it in the form of pain – whether instantly or with repetition. You can also try to make your workplace healthier by getting standing-sitting desks, ergonomic chairs, and suitable desks and PC stands.

Back Pain

If you look into it, you’ll find various DIY and natural remedies that can help with back pain. You can place cold/hot compresses, take pain meds, or try essential oil therapy. However, if you really want to get rid of your back pain for good, you’ll need to visit a specialized physician first and understand the root cause of your pain. Afterward, you can take the necessary steps to build better habits and pursue a lifestyle that is healthier for your back.

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