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Sunny Solutions: What Does a Solar Installer Do?

Solar power currently makes up 3% of US electricity, but it is set to soar to 20% by 2050. With such a huge increase in demand, there has never been a better time to become a solar installer!

Homeowners love the environmental benefits and money-saving abilities that come from solar, but they need to hire a trained solar installer to get them started. Solar panels aren’t something you can install yourself, as the process needs to be done by a trained and licensed professional.

What exactly does a solar installer do, and is it something you might enjoy? Keep reading to find out all the details of this fascinating career.

Meet With Clients

The first task solar installation experts do is meet with potential clients. They’ll visit their home, examine their roof to see if it’s suitable, and provide an estimate on pricing.

Many homeowners worry about the solar panel installation cost. So, their installer will talk them through the pricing options, including details on how they can save with task credits.

This means a solar installer needs to have strong customer service skills, a friendly personality, and a desire to help others.

Manage the Solar Panel Installation Process

As an installer, you’ll oversee all of the installation process. This includes everything from preparing the roof for installation to physically installing the panels, then connecting them into the home’s electricity system.

Whether you’re a Blue Raven Solar Installer or working for another company, you’ll need to meet OH&S guidelines to keep yourself and the team safe when you’re up on the homeowner’s roof.

Because most of the process occurs outdoors, it helps if you enjoy working outdoors and are comfortable in both hot and cold climates.

Install the Wiring and Cables On the Ground

Solar installation doesn’t just occur on the roof! Installers also need to do groundwork, setting up wiring and cables so that solar panels can transfer the electricity they generate into the home.

This can involve physical labor, such as digging. Even if you’re new to working with wiring, everyone receives extensive training in the beginning.

Teach Homeowners

After the installation is complete, installers need to teach the homeowners how to use their panels, read their meters, and keep them clean.

It can be a lot of fun to share the joy of solar with others, but it does often require patience when teaching.

Is a Job as a Solar Installer Right for You?

If you’re interested in an exciting and challenging career with lots of growth potential, you might love working as a solar installer. Generally, at least a high school diploma is required, but many companies are eager to hire and train motivated, responsible workers.

Get started today by researching more about the solar industry, then starting to apply for jobs—you’re sure to land an amazing role before you know it!

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