Disadvantages of Solar Power
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What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Power?

Solar panels have become trendy over the past few decades. Homeowners, governments, and businesses certainly recognize the value of this energy source.

However, people should also be aware of the negative aspects before investing in this renewable resource. Continue to read and find out some disadvantages of solar power. 

Expensive Upfront Costs

Installing solar panels might save you money in the long run, but the upfront costs for material and installation can be a bit high. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. Plus, it may take up to ten to fifteen years to see a return on investment.

Doesn’t Generate Energy Constantly

Unlike other renewable energy sources, solar panels can’t generate energy during the nighttime. So basically, energy is only produced twelve hours a day. 

Therefore, whoever uses this energy must rely on the local utility grid to draw power in the evening or purchase solar batteries to store excess power (to be utilized at night). 

While there have been talks about the creation of an “anti solar panel” that would generate power at night, this tech is not available yet. 

It Depends On The Installation Area 

Installation may not require a massive space for those looking to install solar panels in their homes, as it can generate sufficient energy once put on rooftops.

However, for big businesses, a large area is needed for the system to function correctly and provide electricity regularly. 

Solar Panels Are Made of Polluting Materials

A solar panel is made up of several sheets of silicon crystals (also called cells) and metals like cadmium and lead (used to improve the solar cell’s electrical efficiency).

Unfortunately, studies have shown that lead and cadmium can be dissolved from the cells and affect plants and get into groundwater. These heavy metals also have a record of adverse effects on human health. Lead can impair brain development in kids, and cadmium is a carcinogen. 

Also, these metals in the solar panels make solar cells hard to recycle (as it would take significant effort to extract hazardous metals). Surprisingly, it costs businesses more to recycle a solar panel than to produce a brand new one. 

Manufacturing Of Solar Panels Isn’t Eco-Friendly

Sure, solar panels produce clean, renewable energy, but what it takes to manufacture them can be harmful to the environment. 

Mass production of solar panels might lead to the burning of fossil fuels and plastic waste. Certainly, not the most eco-friendly process. 

Requires Sunny Weather To Work Best 

One of the main solar power disadvantages has to be how the production of energy only occurs when the sun hits the panel. So, if there’s no sunlight, there can’t be energy generated. 

While solar panels still work and generate power on cloudy days, they have a better performance on sunny days.

Solar Power Guide

If you’re still keen on solar energy, then here are some solar power tips.

Consider purchasing a battery. If you check your bill and find that you’re exporting around 12Wh a day back into the grid, then you should invest in a battery to help you leverage your system and use solar power at night. Plus, you’ll avoid potential blackouts. It will save you money!

Here’s another tip: try staggering your usage during the day (e.g., put the dishwasher on at ten, then the washing machine at eleven). This will help you avoid drawing from the grid and adding an extra cost to your bill. 

Ultimately, there are solar energy advantages and disadvantages. Take all into account and decide what’s best for you.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

Deciding on going solar is a big decision, considering the upfront costs. Now that you’re aware of the disadvantages of solar power, you know whether it’s the right investment for you. 

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