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The tradition of giving gifts

The tradition of giving gifts comes to us from ancient times. Even back then, people wanted to please their fellow tribesmen, make them smile and make them happy. Gifts in modern society are, above all, a sign of attention. They help to make a desired impression, give pleasure to the recipient, evoke warm feelings and pleasant emotions. Giving gifts (personal, social, corporate, spontaneous and impulsive), we show the importance and value for us this person (close or distant relative, friend, colleague). When it comes to what to give this or that person specifically, it all depends on whether you know the recipient’s secret desires, and on your financial means. But, agree, fragrant-colourful-floral gifts always were, are and will be relevant. Such gifts are eternally relevant “classics of the genre”. 

The revolutionary idea of remote delivery of flowers and gifts

With the development of modern technology and distance delivery industry has become very convenient to congratulate the dearest and nearest to the heart people on solemn events. And it absolutely does not matter where you are now: in one city, or went on a business trip, or even moved to live in another country! With a revolutionary idea of flowers and gifts delivery, you always have an opportunity to send a surprise courier to your loved ones. The idea of such a service is not new at all, it was invented back in the early 20th century by Max Hübner. He was a German entrepreneur and author of an innovative idea of remote delivery of gift bouquets and compositions. Also Max Hübner is considered as the founder of the flower delivery industry. Flower delivery has widened and nowadays you can find a shop for corporate flower arrangements anywhere and at the same time offer flower delivery service.

History of flower delivery service

When Max Hübner first started his business he noticed differences in the way flowers are handled in various flower shops and decided to form an association of florists who take responsibility for the quality of their work. After several trips to different cities in Germany, he invited leading florists from various cities to the “Federation of German Florists”, which was founded in Berlin in 1904. The founding of the Federation was the prerequisite for the next step that has changed the flower industry in a key way. The beginning of the twentieth century was marked by a boom in demand for delivery of flowers (greeting bouquets and arrangements) in other cities in the country and even abroad. However, flowers are difficult to endure the road and often came to the addressee in poor condition. A revolutionary idea of delivering flowers to long distances suggested two favorable factors: first, the level of development of the flower market in Germany allowed to find a good floral shop in almost every city, and secondly, by the beginning of XX century telegraph has become an accessible and ubiquitous means of communication. Thus, the task of delivering flowers was solved by the method of transferring the order to the nearest florist shop to the addressee.

Joy ordered?

In most cases it is customary to give gifts in connection with some event. But how nice to give signs of attention and bring joy for nothing! Today, thanks to Flowers Delivery, you have the opportunity to order round the clock delivery of not only flower arrangements, but also other gifts, such as soft toys, sweets, fruits, jewellery, perfumes and balloons. 

Recently, gift baskets with alcohol and snacks have become popular among men’s gifts. Confessions of love to a girl invariably come with a bunch of red roses, sweets and a bunch of balloons in the shape of hearts. Small children’s flower arrangements, yummies, toys and balloons can be ordered for children, your little adorers will love it! 

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