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Guide to the Best Lip Filler Treatment in Melbourne

We all deserve fuller and sensual lips but not everybody is blessed with well-defined lips. Your lips may lack volume or their size may be disproportionate. This may impact the overall aesthetic appearance of your face. 

Even though you look beautiful, simple cosmetic addition to your lips can greatly enhance the overall beauty of your face and make your look even more charming and attractive. 

Earlier, excessive surgery was the only option to get volumized lips. Moreover, the focus was just volume and size. No one cared whether the size fits their facial proportions, they just wanted their lips to be bigger.  No doubt, surgery was costly but the recuperating process was also longer, making any kind of cosmetic enhancements a long and tiring procedure. 

Things have changed drastically now. The advancement in medical and cosmetic technology has introduced effective non-surgical methods of lip augmentation called lip filler Melbourne. This treatment involves the use of filler ingredients or natural compounds to add volume to the lips and make them more proportional to the physical features of your face, thus enhancing the overall beauty of your face. 

Therefore, the focus today is not just on the size and volume but also on whether the desired size fits with your current facial proportions. This allows you to get the right kind of cosmetic enhancement that enhances the overall appeal of your lips and your face. 

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre offers the most comprehensive lip filler in Melbourne to make your lips plump and fuller. Let us understand more about lip filler treatment for lip enhancement.

Lip filler treatment procedure

Lip filler treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure wherein a filler ingredient made up of natural compounds is injected strategically into the lips. This compound increases in volume when it comes in contact with water present beneath the top layer of the skin. As a result, the volume and size of your lip increase, and you achieve plump and fuller lips that look attractive and sensual. 

For best results, the lip filler has to be administered in specific qualities by an experienced cosmetic physician in a sterile environment. Therefore,  lip filler treatment has to be conducted by an expert cosmetic professional to achieve the desired outcomes. 

The dose of the lip fillers can be controlled as per the requirement. This allows you the flexibility to decide on the kind of volume and proportions you want to add to your lips. With successive treatment sessions, you can achieve the best lip augmentation results.

What is the filler ingredient made up of?

The filler ingredient administered into the lips is made of a natural compound called hyaluronic acid, found in the human body. Since it is a natural compound, it greatly reduces the risk of any serious allergic reactions. 

Therefore, lip filler Melbourne is a low-risk procedure with minimal short-term side effects when performed by an experienced Cosmetic Physician. The Cosmetic Physician would conduct a thorough examination of your lips and the skin before suggesting the appropriate lip filler dose for lip augmentation. This further reduces the chances of any side effects or complications. 

When can you do lip filler treatment?

Lip augmentation is a swift and easy procedure. In simple terms, it is a walk-in and walk-out procedure. Therefore, you can do lip filler treatment even during weekdays. You just need to allow at least 2 hours for a detailed consultation.

Is lip filler treatment painful?

Lip fillers are administered into your lips with the help of very fine needles. Local anesthetic cream is applied on the skin to numb the area before treatment. You may experience some discomfort post-treatment but that is temporary and usually goes away within a few hours after treatment. 

In essence, the procedure causes almost negligible pain and discomfort when compared to traditional cosmetic surgery for lip augmentation.

Side effects of lip filler treatment

Since microneedles are used in the procedure, you may experience temporary swelling in your lips post-treatment, which usually goes away within a few days. 

There may be temporary bruising at the injection site but it heals within a few days of treatment.

The lip filler treatment is extremely secure and hassle-free. Plus, there are no major or long-term side effects of the treatment. 

To consult our expert Cosmetic Physician about lip filler in Melbourne, you must visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre Today. 

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