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How to Organize Mac Desktop? 8 Steps to Keep Your Computer Clean

Did you know that mess and clutter can cause people to feel stressed? Make sure you clean up your desktop. If you want to learn how to organize Mac desktop fast, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can tidy up your Mac desktop today. You will feel more productive and organized.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

1. What Can You Remove?

Your first step with decluttering is to figure out what you don’t need to be saved on your desktop. You should ask yourself if you click and run the program often. If you don’t, you could remove it from your desktop.

Once you figure out what you will keep, then you can begin organizing these files.

Sometimes, people aren’t sure whether the icons are important or not on their desktop. You can easily move the icons into a folder that’s still accessible. Name the fold “Unused Icons.”

You can move the icons you don’t want to look at on your desktop into this particular folder. Learn how to change the app icons on your Mac by checking out

Make sure you move this folder to an area on your desktop that’s out of the way.

2. Try Organizing Your Items Into Specific Folders

Some people will group different items on their desktops into folders.

You can pick certain items you would like to group by control-clicking one of the things. Then, choose New Folder with Selection.

Take your time working on this task. Think about items you use often. You don’t want to put items into a folder and forget about them.

3. Try Using Stacks

Stacks will help you keep your files well-organized in groups on your desktop. You can group stacks by tags or dates or kind.

When grouping by kind, the images will go in one stack and presentations in another. New files you add will go to the correct stack, and this will help you keep things organized automatically.

4. Try Arranging Files

Your desktop will give you a few options for arranging files. You can keep files sorted by kind, date added, tags, size, or name. Click the desktop and pick View>Sort By. Then, you will choose the option.

If you would like to control the placement of your files, keep Sort By set to none. This way, you can continue to arrange files neatly.

Click the desktop and pick View>Clean Up By, then choose how you would prefer to arrange the files.

5. Use Tags and Folders

You can use macOS tags to organize folders and files, and you’ll have an easier time finding files in Finder when using the proper tags and folders.

You’ll keep your documents in Documents and images in Pictures, and your macOS expects these items to be there.

Create clear names for the folders, and files, as well. Make sure you specify the type, data, and project.

Well-named files and folders are enough. You could try Finder tags, as well. The colorful labels will help you organize your files better. Keep things color-coded.

6. Don’t Lose Things With Spotlight

Once you clean up your digital workspace, you’ll have an easier time arranging and finding items. For fast access, use Spotlight. You should press Command and Space, then type the content or object’s name.

7. Try Unclutter

Unclutter is a handy window that rests above your desktop. You can use it whenever needed.

Move your mouse to the screen top then you will slide it down. Unclutter will open up with three different panels, Notes, Files, and Clipboard.

You will boost your productivity with this simple tool. The data you work with will get organized in one spot and is easily accessed most of the time.

When often-used files or copied data get stored in Unclutter, you’ll keep your desktop free of clutter.

8. Continue to Get Rid of Things

If you would like to declutter, do this with the app Declutter. Declutter will let you group things into desktop folders based on their name.

You should set a filter and hit Declutter Now. The app will do the work for you, and there’s another option.

You can use the Automatic Mode. This will cause automatic clean-ups every hour or so, depending on what you choose.

Most used screenshots, books, documents, and photos will get put into proper folders.

Benefits of Keeping Your Desktop Organized

Keeping your desktop well-organized is super helpful. You won’t feel overwhelmed when you turn on your computer for work. You know where files are and photos are, and you won’t waste time searching for them.

Make it a priority to organize your desktop. Keeping your desktop organized will benefit your mental health. You’ll find it easier to focus on your current task at hand.

Also, when you identify the files you don’t need, you should remove them. Drag the items to the Recycle Bin on your desktop. You will end up with a faster running computer.

Your computer will open programs a lot quicker and find various files fast.

How to Organize Mac Desktop and Keep It Tidy

We hope this guide on how to organize mac desktop computers was helpful.

Making sure your desktop remains clear of clutter has a lot of benefits. You will be more productive and have an easier time focusing on your work.

Are you looking for more helpful organizational or tech tips? Stick around and browse our wide array of resources.

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