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How to Install Solar Panels, Plus 4 Amazing Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

From just 0.34 gigawatts (GW) in 2008, the capacity for solar power in America has soared to 97.2 GW nowadays! This increased capacity can power around 18 million homes, so it’s a great time to take advantage of this eco-friendly power source.

You might be interested in solar power, but probably don’t know much about it. How is installation done and how do you stand to benefit?

In this article, we’ll tell you how to install solar panels. We’ll also tell you about 4 amazing benefits you’ll get from them!

How to Install Solar Panels

First of all, you shouldn’t install solar panels on your own, as there are many intricate parts involved. You should look for home solar near you so professionals can perform the installation process for you.

Here’s how they install solar panels for a house. First, they assess your home (most importantly, your roof slant and where the sun hits it), your power needs, and your budget. From there, they can design a home solar panel system that’s right for you.

On the day of installation, the installers will first put in the mounts for the panels. After drilling holes into the rafters, they’ll secure the mounts with some steel bolts. Now they can securely fasten the solar panels to their mounts.

Once the solar panels are secured, the pros can then connect them with your electrical supply. If you’ve opted to be grid-connected with batteries, then they’ll also need to hook up the battery system to the grid. That way, any extra energy generated can be stored and used at a later time.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Here are some benefits you can get from going solar:

  1. You’ll save money
  2. You’ll increase the value of your home
  3. You’ll get incentives from the government
  4. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint

For the first benefit, it might seem strange that you’ll save money by spending it. Yes, you’ll have to spend a substantial amount of money to have solar panels installed in the first place.

But once you’ve made that investment, it’ll shave off a huge part of your utility bills. And if metering is allowed, you can even sell back extra energy to the grid!

You can also take advantage of the incentives, which give you both tax credit and rebates. Some are federal while others are state-specific, so you’ll want to investigate further to maximize on money saved.

Go Solar Today

Now that you know how to install solar panels and the benefits of getting them, the next thing to do is to speak to home solar panel installers. They’ll be able to assess your needs, budget, and home, and suggest the best solar panel system. And from there, you can have them come and install all the equipment you need to start harnessing the sun’s power!

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