Tattoo Near Me: How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

Tattoos are becoming more mainstream; over half of all Americans under forty have at least one tattoo. That’s more than 145 million Americans.

Today, you can get a tattoo almost anywhere, but why are the prices so different? If you’re searching “where to get a tattoo near me, you may also wonder what it will cost you. Well, this is dependent on several factors.

If you want to know what goes into costing a tattoo, keep reading. We’re breaking it down for you.

Factors Affecting Tattoo Prices

Not all tattoo artists are equal, and because of this, the pricing can be a significant indicator of the quality you’ll get. Tattoo costs are dependent on three primary factors. They are:

1. The Artist

Some artists are more talented than others and, as such, will adjust their rates accordingly. For example, if you’re getting tattooed by an apprentice, the tattoo cost will be lower than if someone with years of experience was inking you.

Some tattoo artists will have a minimum tattoo cost that they charge, and the more popular they are, the more they can charge. Artists can approach pricing from two angles: they can charge per piece or hour. Typically the minimum cost can start at around $60 and go as high as $150.

2. The Shop

The shop tattoo supplies Canada is another significant factor that affects your tattoo cost. Each shop will have to pay rent for the premises they’re using, so tattoo shops in a more affluent area may mean a higher rent.

Larger tattoo shops will also have more artists working in them, which means more artists have to be paid and a higher rent. This will, in turn, increase the cost of tattoos in that particular shop.

Each walk-in tattoo and piercing shop will have different ideas when it comes to pricing, but almost all tattoo shops will charge a minimum cost. Again, this can start around $60.

3. The Deposit

The deposit is another factor that makes a difference to the amount you pay your tattoo artist on the day. Almost every tattoo shop or artist will charge a non-refundable deposit or booking fee to hold your appointment. This deposit cost is deducted from the final price.

This non-refundable deposit is typically a third to half the final quoted price but may vary depending on the artist. Without this deposit, many artists won’t begin design work until it’s paid.

4. The Size and Color

Finally, one more significant factor is the chosen size of the final tattoo. Large tattoo pieces can run on for hours and often require multiple sessions. If your artist charges by the hour, they should be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long they expect it to take.

A less experienced artist may charge less but take longer to do large pieces, so you may pay more for lower-quality work. Tattoos that include color will also cost more than tattoos that use only black ink.

Where to Get a Tattoo Near Me?

Knowing how tattoo shops and artists price their work is essential to getting the best tattoo for your money. Searching “where to get a tattoo near me?” could yield several results, but it will be up to you to discern who you should use and avoid.

Don’t be afraid to ask your artist for tattoo advice and how they price their tattoos. Almost all will be happy to answer your questions.

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