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The Different Types of Chiropractic Treatments Prescribed Today

Most chiropractic treatments are also known as chiropractic adjustments. They have this name because they involve a chiropractor adjusting parts of patients’ bodies with his or her hands to better their health and wellbeing. The spine is a popular location for these treatments, but chiropractors can also adjust other parts like the pelvis and neck. 

How one chiropractor performs a chiropractic procedure can be different than what another will do. This is because a variety of chiropractic techniques exist. Certain professionals may have a preferred technique or choose one based on patient needs. 

Read on to learn about some common chiropractic treatments before seeking help. 

1. Spinal Manipulation 

Has one or more of your vertebrae become misaligned from a spinal injury? A Spinal Manipulation can set them back in place. Other purposes of this technique are to relieve inflammation and stop muscle spasms. 

When the best chiropractor applies this technique, he or she will use gentle thrusting motions and stretching on a patient’s body. They often perform these actions when a patient is on a special chair or lying on his or her back. 

2. Activator 

Unlike most of the other techniques here, the Activator Technique doesn’t involve hands. Rather, it involves a device known as the activator. This spring-loaded device quickly delivers gentle pulses to parts of the body. 

This technique is effective when a patient’s muscles are too tense for usual treatments. It can also prevent unwanted movement from spinal joints. Chiropractors will often perform the activator method to treat head, neck, and back pain. 

3. Gonstead Adjustment 

A popular technique among professionals, the Gonstead Adjustment, is used to align discs and re-establish optimal health in mobility. Chiropractors will administer it to a sitting or side-lying patient. Either position is paramount to the technique as the chiropractor’s hand must touch the body at a specific point. 

Like with many of the other techniques, Gonstead is used for relieving pain and inflammation. A secondary purpose of it is to realign the hip and/or pelvis. 

4. Thompson Drop-Table

The Drop-Table Technique involves a special padded table with drop mechanisms. A chiropractor will engage these devices so that the patient will fall a distance of a fraction of an inch. During this time, the practitioner will apply quick thrusts. 

Due to the gentleness of this technique, it is often used on children and pregnant women. Beyond that, it can also re-establish proper neck curvature. 

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Keep in mind that the best chiropractor should be able to determine the best chiropractic treatments for your current health situation. You can make suggestions, but your practitioner’s word should be final. He or she is the expert and has advice worth listening to. 

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