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Hair Removal: What are Your Options?

Even though getting rid of unwanted hair is part of your beauty routine, using several methods is usually best for your body and face. If you don’t want to have as much to do in the morning, you may be considering permanent methods of removal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with several options to find the best way to make your skin smooth. Visit spas like RenewMD Wellness Stockton for more options.

Long-Term Removal Options

Two of the more common removal options involve using lasers or electrolysis. Since they are somewhat similar, it can be hard to choose between electrolysis versus laser hair removal. The answer depends on your beauty goals and visiting Colorado’s top laser clinic for laser services will help you choose the right method. For example, if you want to completely stop growth, consider electrolysis. It works with any skin type and involves placing a probe in the follicle and moving an electric current through it. It essentially permanently damages the follicle and prevents more from growing.

laser hair removal

Laser removal simply thins and slows down growth, and it’s best for those who have dark coloring and light skin. It uses high-heat lasers that send mild radiation to your follicles. The hair’s dark pigment absorbs the light from the laser, and this light converts to heat, damaging the follicles enough that growth slows down. It’s a good option for treating several hairs at one time, so it is easy to have small areas treated quickly. Although hair may still grow, it will be lighter and finer than before.


You’ll use an electric shaver or razor to cut close to your skin. Some people believe that this makes the hair grow back coarser, but that’s not the case. When a hair is unshaved, the tip is soft and tapered and shaving gets rid of that tip, making it feel coarser. If you use disposable blades, make sure your skin is soft and use shaving cream or plenty of soap. Move the blade in the direction of the growth. Make sure you replace your blades often since you might accidentally cut yourself using a dull blade. However, it only lasts a few days, and it can result in ingrown hairs, particularly in the bikini area.


waxing leg hair

If you choose to go with this method, you’ll likely have someone do it for you. They’ll place sticky wax on your skin and place cloth strips over it. Once the wax dries, the strips are removed quickly, allowing the hair to come with it. It can be done anywhere on your body, including the bikini areas, face, legs, and underarms. You can expect it to last for three to six weeks. Remember you need to have at least a quarter of an inch of growth so the wax can attach to it, so don’t be afraid to let it go for a few weeks before waxing. Some people get bumps or redness, and an infection might result. But the more you have waxing done, the less likely you are to get an infection.

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