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The Importance of Good Posture

Do you remember being told to sit up straight when you were a youngster? If so, there was a very good reason for it.

Good posture has been proven to have a knock-on effect on our general health. In fact, it can be just as important for our well-being as eating healthily, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep. 

How so? Quite simply, retaining a good posture allows our body to achieve its optimal performance, both internally and physically. It can even prevent common health conditions later down the line that you may never have associated with posture at all. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you should be paying attention to good posture. 

1. Promotes healthy digestion

When slumped over our desks or slouching over our smartphones, we are unconsciously putting pressure on our internal organs and our digestive system, which can lead to bloating, constipation, and nausea. If you start to notice that you’re constantly hunching rather than sitting straight, be sure to correct your position. In a matter of days, you’ll improve your digestive health and start to notice a drastic improvement with any pre-existing gastrointestinal issues.

2. Improves spine health

Keeping your spine straight is the best way to prevent pulled muscles and more severe back complaints. When going about our daily lives, it’s difficult to always stay in tune with our posture but it can easily be achieved when at home. 

Back pain is a complaint for approximately 25% of the population, but most of the time, these conditions could have been avoided with improved posture. While at home, investing in an ergonomic chair such as those found at could considerably reduce areas of pain and stiffness, thanks to the full-body support that is provided from the lower back through to the neck. The fabric molds to the body and provides custom support that cannot be achieved with a standard couch or mattress. After several weeks of using a beanie chair, you’re sure to notice a reduction in back pain. 

3. Reduces headaches

Are you constantly suffering from unpleasant headaches? If so, it could all be down to poor posture. Tense muscles in the upper back and neck is one of the most common causes of tension headaches. Muscle stiffness can be eased with a professional back massage or gentle yoga, which can instantly help you feel more relaxed. 

4. Improves confidence

Good posture is not only beneficial to our health but also, to our mind. When sitting straight—particularly during interviews or boardroom meetings, you’ll feel much more confident and self-assured, which is bound to rub off on others. It can even influence how we act and think.  

Scientific research also shows that sitting upright can also improve brain function, as you’re likely to feel calmer and much more in control with a taller stance. 

Next time you’re nervous and worried about feeling intimated in a work or social setting, sit straight and let the positive energy flow. 

Final word

Achieving good posture doesn’t always happen overnight and may take some practice, but the above tips should help you focus on how to improve and the benefits it can provide. 

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