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The Integral Rules of Good Lighting You Should Know About

If you want your home to look its best, then you need to make sure that it’s properly lit. Poor lighting can make even the best home look terrible. And, if you aren’t an interior designer, you likely won’t even know where to start with lighting your home, let alone know what the rules of good lighting are!

There are many ways that you can improve your home’s lighting, from rearranging light fixtures to installing special bulbs. This article will cover all of these things and more so that you know what the integral rules of good lighting are:

Invest In Quality Lamps

If you want your home’s interior to look brighter, and more welcoming, then you should invest in quality lamps. Lamps come in many shapes and sizes. Some designs dim light, while others spread it around. According to the light gurus from, there are many types of lamp, from ceiling lights to floor lights and globes. Quality lamps made by reliable manufacturers are likely to last you much longer than poor quality lamps are. In addition, they provide the right amount of power ensuring you get maximum light delivery.

Spread Light Around

In addition to investing in quality lamps, you need to spread them around. The more sources of light you have, the brighter your home will look. With that said, you should avoid putting too many lamps up in your house. This is because too many lamps can make your home look uncomfortably bright. This can lead to headaches, eyestrain, and general discomfort. Most experts would recommend having two or three lamps in addition to your ceiling lighting for a large room. For smaller rooms, a lamp or two and ceiling lighting will work fine.

Quality Bulbs

Bulbs are very important. Some would argue that they are the most important element of adequate home lighting. If you don’t make an effort to ensure that your home’s bulbs are quality, then you will likely end up with cheap, unreliable bulbs. Not only are these bulbs dangerous because they are prone to bursting, but they also produce very poor light. Cheap bulbs give things a washed-out appearance, whereas proper, quality lighting breathes fresh air into your home, and makes everything look new. You can order quality bulbs online, or alternatively, buy them from most department stores and light specialists.

Control Your Light

You should invest in a control panel, which allows you to control the way that your home is lit. Control panels can be very handy because they allow you to change the intensity of your home’s light. This is very useful if you spend a lot of time using computers or watching television. Most eye care professionals recommend against using screens in the dark because the brightness damages your eyes. Installing dimmer switches and a control panel allows you to turn down the lighting to a level that’s not distracting, but that also keeps the room lit so that the screen doesn’t damage your eyes.

In addition, changing the temperature of the lighting in your room can create ambience and a ‘mood’ as it were, which is perfect for when you are entertaining. Control panels generally cost very little.

Accent Lighting

Many experts recommend using lights to accentuate a certain part of the room. This could be an accent wall or a piece of furniture. This can bring attention to an object, but also make your room look much larger. Many lamps give you the option to twist and turn the head, pointing it in a certain direction. You can also turn most ceiling lights to face a specific direction. Be careful when you are doing this, however, as this can make one corner of your room very dark, while the other parts are bright.

Natural Light

Natural light always looks the best. When you can, open the curtains and blinds, and allow as much natural light in as possible. Natural light will make your room look bright, airy, and beautiful. Try to avoid using lamps and indoor lights when it is bright outside. This is because not only do they waste energy, they also don’t look as good! The only reason that you might not want to make use of natural lighting is if you live in a poorly insulated house, in a very cold country. People usually put sheets and plastic up to protect against the elements to counter the cold, which leaves their homes very dark.

Lighting should be one of your main concerns as a homeowner. If your home isn’t lit properly, then it can look dark and dingy. Follow this article’s guidance and your home’s lighting will be perfect.

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