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The main points in Diablo 4 that you need to consider when starting the game

The world of Diablo 4 has already opened its doors to everyone, as the project has passed all the stages of open beta testing and after fixing many bugs and shortcomings of the Blizzard server, newcomers and dark fantasy fans are waiting to challenge new content.

You need to choose your game class and go through many acts at different difficulty levels in order to get the best equipment and weapons, learn new spells and skills, in order to ultimately challenge the archdemon who again arrived in the human world to destroy it, as was already the case in previous parts of the Diablo series.

Game start

Choose your class, 5 main characters will be available to you, but in the future the list may be expanded – Blizzard always does this in order to return players’ interest in the project after a while by introducing a new character into the game. You can level up any class by going through acts, dungeons, or by ordering diablo 4 power leveling from a professional service.

You can choose classes:

  • Mage
  • Necromancer
  • Druid
  • Demon Hunter
  • Barbarian


A ranged character, controls the elements and attacks enemies with a school of magic, which he chooses based on his builds.

It has a dependence on mana and if the scale is empty, the magician will not be able to cast spells. The parameter is replenished from special skills and simply rest from using magic, as well as due to bonuses to equipment, which accelerates recovery.

The mage is as weak as he is strong – the hero can destroy hordes of enemies, but at the same time fall from one strong attack of the physical type. You need to always avoid close contact in order to survive, and have more than one line of magic to be effective against enemies with strong resistances.


Another magician of a completely different direction. The necromancer summons the powers of darkness and resurrects the dead to convert them into his army and force them to fight on his side.

You can raise skeletons, liches and golems to fight at your side as melee fighters, tanks and magical units.

To activate, you need essence – the main parameter that the necromancer accumulates in battles and uses to summon new allies from among the dead, if there are enough dead targets around to convert them to his side.

One of the strongest and easiest classes in the game, as you need to keep the essence, be in a safe place while the units do all the main clearing work.

If you die, the entire called army will automatically die.

In addition to summoning abilities, the class also features a large set of negative effects that can be used when playing as part of a fireteam and helping allies to better destroy opponents.


A class that has a close connection to the spirit world and uses it to summon animals and forces of nature to fight for the druid.

You can summon animals that will fight at different distances and act as tanks – damage absorption, ranged and melee attacks, and auxiliary effects and reconnaissance when using birds.

To use all skills, a spirit scale is used, which is replenished through normal attacks and special skills.

You can use animal skins to change your appearance and take on key abilities. You can become a bear or a wolf.

The bear is a strong but clumsy beast that can inflict large but slow damage to enemies, hold many enemies on itself without receiving serious harm, but is not capable of serious and fast maneuvers.

The wolf is a fast but vulnerable beast that does not deal serious damage to enemies, but has a high speed that must be used to maneuver, quickly reach destinations, or retreat from difficult situations.

The druid is the direct opposite of the necromancer, using living resources and souls rather than fallen bodies.

Demon Hunter

One of the best characters for clearing dungeons and hunting due to the short and long range of physical attacks that are applied from the bow and daggers.

This is a combined class that appeared as a result of combining two heroes from previous versions – Amazon and Assassin.

From the Amazon, the hero will be able to use physical damage when attacking with a bow and using magical power to charge arrows and switch damage methods.

For shooting, you need to have a supply of arrows, which, in the event of an end, will not allow the archer to continue the battle.

Arrows, by the way, also have a gradation of quality and a quiver can give additional characteristics.

If desired, the hunter can use his skills to deal AoE damage from the spread of arrows.

As for daggers, the hero took the best skills from the Assassin class to deal fast burst damage when using claws and daggers.


The Barbarian is a physical fighter who can wield any weapon that Diablo 4 has.

The character can increase the combat potential of his weapons simply by attacking enemies – this will charge the weapon by 10%.

The barbarian can handle any weapon, but swords and clubs are his profile, which have more potential than all the others.

The key skill of the class is Berserk, which allows you to disperse the damage and speed of the hero for a short period of time, making him a killing machine.

When distributing skills, you can extend the duration of the berserk if you choose such a build among other skills.

The key parameter of the hero for using skills and realizing the potential in attacks is rage.

Rage is generated through attacks and defensive actions and is used for all types of skills, giving them additional power.

By itself, the Barbarian class is an active physical class that deals steady damage with a periodic boost when berserk is activated. This means that the hero in battle will have a drawdown in damage from stable to gain and return to previous values. For the barbarian’s opponents, this means simply waiting out, or avoiding damage from the enemy while the berserk effect is active.

Repair equipment

Whichever class you choose to play – you need to constantly monitor and adjust your equipment, paying for its repair from masters in large cities.

If this is not done, then the property will fail and cease to be available until use. This can happen during a fight as well, so it’s a good idea to check the condition of all equipment and have extra sets before a difficult skirmish so as not to get into a difficult situation.

​Equipment and weapons wear out very much when a character dies – keep this in mind and try not to risk your life unnecessarily. Especially do not be distracted by the inspection of inventory in the midst of battles.

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