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The Top Reasons to Move into New Construction Communities

You have many choices when it comes to buying a home. Should you move to a rural or urban community? Which area has the best commute to work? Is the neighborhood you like near good schools and restaurants?

While you can look at pre-existing homes in an already-established area, new construction communities also have a lot to offer.

According to Marketwatch, a new build can cost as much as 20 percent more than buying a pre-existing home. But what this doesn’t factor in is how many extra costs you’ll need to make as soon as you move into the pre-owned home. Like when the garbage disposal stops working the day after you move in or needing to replace the roof after only a month of living there. Those costs add up over time.

A newly built home can give you peace of mind and its custom features will provide you with all your wants and needs. There are many reasons why you should consider moving to new construction communities. Here’s what’s at the top of our list:


If you’ve looked around for a home in existing neighborhoods, you’ll know it’s hard to find something that has everything on your checklist of wants and needs. This one’s master bathroom is too small. That one’s floor plan is too closed off. This one doesn’t have enough windows, making the rooms dark. And any significant customizations or upgrades to an existing house can cost a lot of money, depending on what you want to change.

A home is a significant investment and you want to enjoy living there, not spend extra time and money on remodeling.

You can get around this issue by moving into a new construction community. By helping design the home that’s being built, you can customize to your own needs.

You can search and compare floorplans to find one that you love. As the layout of the house is the hardest thing to change, this is one of the biggest benefits of helping to design your own home. For example, New Tradition Homes has dozens of floorplans that you can choose from.

Little details matter too. You can move into your new home without having to worry about repainting the family room or living with the previous owner’s taste in gold accents when you prefer silver.

Home Efficiency

Depending on the age of a house, it may have a number of inefficiencies. The house might not be as well insulated as it once was. The appliances might be a decade or two old. The windows might be letting in cold air.

One inefficiency isn’t a huge deal, but all of these things can add up, leading to higher utility bills and a negative environmental impact.

New houses built by an attentive, quality-focused contractor will be just about the most efficient on the market. They’ll have the latest green technology, from temperature control to water-saving mechanisms, to brand new Energy Star-rated appliances.

New Tradition Homes is a leader in building energy efficient and all of its homes meet Energy Star certification. The homes are not just built to meet code, but to go above and beyond, making your new home a durable, environmentally-friendly investment for years to come.


New homes are also safer; think security alarms, smoke detectors, and fire-resistant wiring. Because new homes are wired for today’s technology, you won’t have to worry about adding outlets, upgrading power boxes, or wondering about the compatibility of aging equipment.

By going with a contractor who is considerate of incorporating the latest safety and technology into each build, you will be assured that your home is well-built and safe for years to come.

All New Neighbors

One big benefit of settling into new construction communities is that you won’t be the only new neighbor on the block. It gives you an easy way to find neighborhood friends as everyone else will be out looking for connections too.

Plus, you get to watch the neighborhood grow with you over the years.


Many new construction communities also offer other amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, or parks within the neighborhood. These are great for keeping the kids entertained.

Having a new home can also give you peace of mind of not having to worry about unwanted surprises. Homes naturally need repairs over time, and you might not know what these are when you’re first moving into an older home.

Is the heater a year out from breaking down and needing replacement? Does the plumbing have an unnoticed leak that is causing water damage?

While home inspections pick up many things, there may be other items that the old owners didn’t tell you that can cause a headache later on.

It’s very unlikely for new homes to have these kinds of problems. All the appliances are new, the home has been built to the latest standards, and as the first owner, you’ll know the history of the house.

It’s a major benefit to have this reassurance and not have to take on the previous homeowner’s problems when you’ve just moved in.

Modern Styles

Some people do prefer older neighborhoods. They like the mature trees lining the streets. Older houses can have the charm of reflecting designs that were popular when they were first built.

But maybe you’re drawn to more modern styles and want that open floor plan, a kitchen island, and a big walk-in closet. These things are harder to find in older communities. If 21st-century features are at the top of your want list, a sure way to get them is to go with a newly built house.

Are you going to select new construction communities over established ones? We can help you decide.

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