Top 5 Family Games to Enjoy

If you are struggling to find interactive and entertaining games to enjoy with your whole family then we have got the ideas for you! Frequently organised game nights can bring tons of laughter and also bond your family together. Nowadays, all of us are dealing with the issue of limited social interaction, so creating quality time with the family and spending time together is really invaluable. So, check out our game ideas that will keep your family engaged and ensure a fun time together.   


Twister is one of the games that your family will surely enjoy playing. The principle of the game is the following: you should spin the spinner to see in what colour of the floor mat the player should put his/her foot or hand. To make sure that you’re not the first to fall you should carefully decide where to put your hands or feet. This game is suitable for people of all age categories as it is equally enjoyed by adults and kids. Twisters will surely create a pleasant atmosphere in your house and increase family interaction.


Chess is considered to be the most widely played intellectual game around the world. Many people think that chess is not a family game and is not suitable for playing with children but it’s actually not true. It will help to develop your child’s analytical mindset, build confidence and create a bond between you. Chess is one of the rarest games that is known to exercise both sides of the brain. This game is especially great for children who are absent-minded. It will help them to increase concentration, improve their visual memory and make their brains more focused.  


Taboo is an excellent game especially suitable for big family gatherings. Players take turns explaining to the opponent a phrase on a drawn card without using additional words that are written on the card. So, the team of players who describe the words gets a point with each correctly guessed word while the other team gets a point for each card they pass on. This is one of the most interesting games which is also considered an intellectual one as it improves a person’s creativity.   

Indoor bowling

If you really want to play bowling but you are too lazy to go out you can organize fun indoor bowling for your whole family. It is very easy to create this game at home simply by using several items. All you need for making this simple game are plastic bottles and a ball. After that, you will need to arrange your bottles in a triangle shape and start playing. If you feel that your bottles are too light and easily fall over you can fill them up with water. Your children will surely like this activity and enjoy the whole process of the game. Moreover, if you have school-aged children you can ask them to count the scores. It will help them to improve analytical and maths skills by practising counting, subtracting, and adding.


Purchasing Jenga is a one-time investment but it will surely ensure that you will have unforgettable game nights with your family. In Jenga 54 wooden blocks are used for creating a tall tower. After that, the principle of the game is the following: players take turns taking out the blocks and putting them on the top of the tower. The game ends when the tower completely collapses or when any of the blocks fall from the tower. The challenging and the most interesting thing about this game is that you cannot use both hands during the play and you can only touch the blocks with either your right or left hand on each round. 

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