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Top 5 Meats for Irresistible Charcuterie Boards

Having friends over is always a fantastic time. Pulling up chairs to eat, drink, talk, and play games creates lasting memories that everyone will treasure forever.

But if you’ll take note of the above paragraph, a central theme to these get-togethers is food. Without it, people can get hangry, and you don’t want that.

We’re too old for Lunchables, although they’re admittedly delicious. Why not kick it up a notch with a charcuterie board?

Read on for the five best meats for a charcuterie board you’ll need to include.

1. Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a type of thinly sliced and dry-cured Italian ham. It’s definitely one of the classic charcuterie board meats, so it’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Not only is this meat delicate, but it has a salty flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Looking for a meat that’s more adventurous? Then purchase duck prosciutto. Not only is it more upscale, but it has a slightly gamy and luxurious flavor too.

2. Salami

For something that’s more familiar, give salami a try. This is the best meat for charcuterie if you and your friends aren’t adventurous eaters.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring though. There are several types of salami available, including Chorizo, Genoa, and Soppressata. They’re also bold and chewy, and will add fantastic variety to your board.

3. Cured Sausages

If you need more “familiar” things when you buy charcuterie meats, then go for cured sausages. Chorizo is one, but other choices include saucisson sec and just plain smoked sausage.

There are numerous flavors and styles, so take your time to explore them all. Pick one or two for each evening that complement your other meat selections.

4. Bresaola

A good thin meat for a charcuterie board is bresaola. Beef is air-dried and then thinly sliced for you to spread out beautifully on your plate.

It has a deep and intense flavor, as it’s often seasoned with spices like black pepper. Since it’s served in delicate folds, it’ll give your charcuterie board perfect touches of beauty and elegance.

5. Speck

Speck is a type of smoked and dry-cured ham from the Italian Alps. Here’s more on speck food if you’re curious.

As you can tell from the description, it has a distinctive smoky flavor, which sets it apart from the other meats mentioned. So if you want to make a charcuterie board that’ll take your taste buds on a wild adventure, speck is definitely one you should add.

Buy the Best Meats for a Charcuterie Board

The next time you have people over, make things classier with a plate of carefully selected meats. We’ve given you a list of the best meats for a charcuterie board here, so use that as a starting point.

As you host more get-togethers and figure out what people like (and don’t), it’ll be easier to explore other charcuterie board meats. By experimenting and mixing things up, you’ll soon be known as the best host around!

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