Travel With Diabetes

How to Travel With Diabetes

Whether you’re taking a vacation abroad or you drive to different states a lot for your job, traveling with diabetes can be daunting. With this chronic condition, you need to keep in mind various changes when you’re away from home. From changes in your diet and activity levels to the change of environment, small factors can become big problems while you’re traveling. However, with good health management and a bit of forward planning, you can travel freely without worrying about your condition. Here are a few handy tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Advanced Preparation

Advanced planning is the key to traveling with a chronic condition, and you should begin making preparations well in advance. Preparing a checklist for your trip will help ensure you pack everything you need and don’t forget anything important, including specific supplies you will need during your flight. You should also do some research into the effects of altitude and temperature on people with diabetes so that you are aware of all possibilities.

Speak to Your Doctor

Visiting your doctor, seeking their professional advice on travel, and receiving a pre-travel examination is important before you begin your journey. During the check-up your doctor can help you devise a health plan while you’re away. This will include proper glucose control, including altering the time you take medication if you cross time zones and maintaining glucose levels should you get sick, and coping with various diabetic complications. You should also get a medical letter detailing your condition, any prescribed medication, monitoring and dispensing equipment, your requirement to carry diabetes-related supplies in your hand luggage, and any contact details in case you require further assistance from your doctor. This letter will help you get through airport security smoothly, and can also give you a point of reference should you need to replace medication or require medical assistance abroad.

Smart Blood Glucose Tracking

A great way to take control of your condition while you travel is to monitor your blood glucose levels with a smart glucometer. When you’re away from home it is easy to forget to keep track of your blood glucose levels. However, with a change in diet and lifestyle, it is important that you check your blood glucose often. A smart blood glucose meter can be linked with a smartphone, and it can provide almost instant results. It allows you to track your blood sugar levels in real time, and provides you with alerts, insights, and reminders. These small, portable gadgets can help you monitor your condition on the go with ease.

Additional Medication

Travel is unpredictable, and you don’t want to be caught out without enough medication. Before your trip, ask your doctor for an extra prescription to cover medication that might get lost, misplaced, or stolen during your journey. Although you should pack enough supplies for the entirety of your trip, the prescription can help you in an emergency situation.

Pack Properly

Your medication should be kept on your body or close to you throughout your trip. In addition, make sure you are able to maintain the right temperature for your insulin to protect its potency. Furthermore, remember to pack nutritious snacks in case of delayed or missed meals.

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