What Are the Main Types of Escape Room Games?

Are you looking for an escape room challenge to keep you on your toes?

Escape rooms are popular around the world and growing. They are interactive rooms that require you and your friends to use puzzle-solving skills and teamwork to escape the room within a set amount of time.

Cities large and small provide a variety of escape room games, leading players to expect the unexpected. There are many different types of escape rooms that you might come across, each with a specific set of puzzles.

Here’s a guide to keeping you on the right path toward finding that perfect room.

Mystery Escape Rooms

Mystery escape rooms usually have a story or puzzle theme, and they can be very challenging. Oftentimes, they are timed, and teams must work together to solve the mystery before the time runs out. During the game, participants will often have to find certain items or decipher codes to progress in the game.

Puzzles range from physical, logic-based puzzles to scavenging and deciphering codes. What makes these games so engaging is that they require problem-solving, collaboration, and sleuthing — all while in a high-pressure situation with a time limit. These escape room games, like the ones from The Great Escape Room are loads of fun and often make for great team-building activities.

Adventure Escape Rooms

Adventure escape rooms involve solving a series of puzzles, clues, and other challenges to “escape” from a room. Each puzzle and clue obtained leads to the next. There is usually a time limit set for the experience, and teams are often given hints and clues along the way to help them find all the clues it takes to “escape” the room.

Adventure escape rooms typically involve physical elements such as:

  • pushing a button
  • unlocking a door
  • working with a combination lock

In addition to finding clues, teams may also be required to deal with other challenges, such as assembling an object or cracking a code. Adventure escape rooms can be a fun, and mentally stimulating experience as players work together to “escape” the room by solving the puzzles and assisting each other in the process.

Horror Escape Rooms

Horror escape rooms provide unique and exciting experiences for players. These rooms create immersive and interactive stories and involve a range of puzzles for players to solve to complete the game. The horror element adds an extra layer of intensity, creating suspense and thrill as players progress through the game.

With a focus on solving mysteries, these games combine a range of puzzles and tasks to put players’ skills and imagination to the test. Players must work together to figure out how to escape the room. Customizable set pieces, props, and music create a frighteningly realistic and immersive experience.

It adds to the difficulty of the game and the thrill of completing it. All of these qualities combined make horror escape rooms a unique and exhilarating form of escape room gaming.

Have Fun at Any Type of Escape Room Games

Escape room games are activities in which participants are locked in a themed room filled with puzzles, and must solve them within the allocated time. All the suffering will be worth it when you enjoy the fun and pleasure of the puzzle-solving experience. Why don’t you try it today?

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