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What are Yoni Eggs? Are They Safe?

Yoni eggs are quickly gaining popularity amongst women all around the world. The crystals are selling out remarkably, and as the wave keeps rising, some women are still not well versed with what the jade egg is all about. This article attempts to answer the questions you may have about the jade egg and whether they are safe for use.

What are Jade Eggs?

Jade eggs are egg-shaped crystals. They are called yoni eggs because the word ‘yoni’ in Sanskrit refers to the female genitalia, specifically the vagina.

The jade eggs are made out of various crystals and shaped into egg-like shapes, which are then thoroughly polished to make the surface as smooth as possible. The egg’s shape makes it easy to insert and remove it from the vagina easily without pushing it too far up. The surface is polished to ensure that there are no rough or cracked parts that could hurt the user.

The Origin

Yoni eggs are said to originate from traditional China, where the women in the royal families commonly used them. They are said to be popular amongst the empresses and the emperors’ concubines. They were used to promote better sexual and spiritual health. More specifically, they are believed to have been used to boost women’s sexual prowess, fertility, sexual appeal, and vitality.

However, there has been no proof that the jade egg existed then or that it was used for that purpose. The jade crystal may have said origins, but there is no reliable scientific proof that traces it back to the Chinese women or anything to show that it was used for the said purposes. This reference has even been called out as cultural appropriation.

The Benefits

The jade egg has a variety of purported benefits. However, it is worth pointing out that none of those have been proven scientifically in any studies or experiments. These benefits include:

  1. Physical benefits – Sellers and users claim that the jade egg gives benefits similar to those gained from Kegel exercises. It does so by forcing the pelvic muscles to do Kegels. When done consistently and regularly, the benefits expected include reduced incontinence symptoms, reduced symptoms or risk of uterine prolapse, reduced leaking, a firmer grip during penetrative sex, accelerated post-maternal healing, and more intense orgasms.
  2. Spiritual benefits – Based on the type of crystal used to make your yoni egg as well as the types of exercises you practice with it, it is said that you stand to reap a bunch of spiritual benefits. The aquamarine and turquoise crystals, for instance, are said to be strongly connected to your throat chakra, which affects your ability to express yourself. They represent clarity and help one free themselves from any bonds and trauma that prevent them from fully and adequately expressing themselves.
  3. Emotional benefits – When used with exercises like meditation, yoga, and even a 5-minute breathwork exercise, the yoni eggs are said to be very useful in uplifting one emotionally. They help one focus on their inner selves and resolve emotional difficulties like anxiety, depression, grief, fear, stress, anger, and frustration.

Are Yoni Eggs Safe?

Yoni eggs are generally safe for use. You, however, need to make special considerations if you:

  1. Are pregnant – yoni egg exercises may interfere with your baby’s development and even trigger contractions.
  2. Are on your periods – It is REALLY not advisable to use yoni eggs when you are on the roll. It is a messy affair and may even be harmful primarily when the egg is used for long periods.
  3. Are recovering from surgery – if you have recently had surgery or are recovering from one around the vagina or uterus, it would be wise to wait until you heal entirely before using the yoni egg.
  4. Have recently given birth or had C-section – You probably have healing wounds, and your muscles are still sore. It is wise to wait until you heal completely so that you don’t re-open healing wounds and slow down your recovery.
  5. Are recovering from an infection – If you have recently had infections around your genital area and are recovering, you should wait until you heal well.

If there are other concerns such as particular conditions or if you are under special medication, be sure to get in touch with your doctor for advice on how to go about it.

The safety in using a yoni egg will also depend on where you purchased it. Generally, it is advisable to get yours from a trusted manufacturer for authenticity. This is because eggs from untrustworthy sellers may be made with harmful components that may harm you and cause severe complications with time. Fake crystals may crack and chip off very quickly, making it dangerous for you to use such eggs.

Do not use a kegel egg that is too large or for too long. These scenarios could over-strain your vaginal muscles and cause complications such as pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, back pain, abdominal pain, and soreness in the vaginal canal.

Do not push the egg too far – it may press hard on the cervix and injure it. Also, make sure that your yoni yoga or exercises are not too vigorous, so much that the egg presses too hard against your muscles.

In conclusion, the benefits of the yoni egg seem to be endless. However, they are only attainable if you keep your safety in mind and use the egg appropriately. Remember to keep the egg clean and check it very thoroughly every time before you use it.

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