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What is the most common problem with water heaters?

It’s really essential that you get hot water in your home whenever you need and it is the water heating systems those provide us with on-demand hot water. Water heaters are one of the most used electrical appliances at any home and their flawless functioning is important for smooth running of your everyday household activities. But like all appliances water heaters are also vulnerable to wear and tear and start developing snags and faults as they approach the end of their expected life span.

When homeowners start having problems, they often call for professional Plumbers Sydney for emergency repairs. Here in this article, we will look at 6 problems those are found to occur with the water heating systems most frequently. 

1.Water leaks: This is perhaps the commonest issue with water heating systems faced by homeowners. There can be various reasons behind a leaking water heater like the tank getting corroded, fault with the valves or the pipe carrying water inside the tanks leaking. Whatever be the reason if you notice water is leaking out of the water heater you should be immediately contact your plumbing service provider for leaks often leads to major faults those can be expensive to repair. A leak also means waste of water and energy those will be reflected in higher bills.

2. No hot water: If no hot water is coming out of the system that can be caused by the failure of the heating elements or there can be other reasons behind that too. Such situations can be most disturbing and need to solve as quickly as possible.

3. Water smelling strange: This may be due to sediment build up inside the storage tanks where bacteria is also growing. Regular maintenance of the storage tank is therefore extreme important for sedimentation being insulating in nature may result in uneven distribution of hat to different parts of the tank and cracking it.

4. It takes a long time to heat: This is another frequent Hot water Sydney problem and a fault in the thermostat or the burner not getting enough energy to give you the desired output may be the result behind it. Instead of wasting time and using fruitless energy in a situation like this a professional plumber is the one who can best handle the situation.

5. Low pressure of hot water: This is a frequent problem with old water heating systems those are reaching the end of their lifespan and the best solution to the problem is perhaps to get your water heater replaced by a new and more energy efficient model. Energy efficiency decreases with time and if you have a water heater at home that is more than 12- to 15-year-old it might be time that you get this replaced instead of getting it repaired. 

6. Too hot or too cold water: Like all other problems there can be different reasons for this that only a professional plumber can identify and handle and like all other issues this too is also best handled by a professional.   

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