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Difference between Toupee, Wig, and Hair System Explained

If you have searched for nonsurgical ways to recover from hair loss, you must have come across terms like toupees, wigs, and hair systems. Since there are very minute differences between them and the terms are often used interchangeably, a lot of men and women end up confused about their meaning and relevance. 

That’s precisely why we decided to write this blog by collaborating with Lordhair – a globally trusted brand for hair toupees and wigs. By learning about the minute differences, you will be able to select the best product to conceal your hair loss.

Let’s start with hair toupee first! 

What is a Hair Toupee?

Toupee is a type of small hairpiece that helps men cover up bald spots on the scalp. It is mostly worn at the crown region – an area located at the very top of the head and highly prone to hair loss from male pattern baldness. 

Made either using synthetic or human hair, a fine hair toupee blends seamlessly with the natural hair and provides a realistic appearance while creating the illusion that your scalp was never affected by androgenetic alopecia – the scientific name of male pattern baldness. 

Many Hollywood celebs and politicians use hair toupees to overcome permanent hair loss or thinning. 

What is a Hair Wig?

We believe most of you have heard of this hair replacement product. For those who don’t know, a hair wig is designed to sit on the top of a bald head or existing hair. Toupee is most commonly used to refer to hair loss solutions that cover only a limited portion of the scalp, whereas a hair wig usually covers the entire head. When it comes to women’s wigs it refers to the ‘full cap’ wigs that cover the whole head. When it comes to men’s wigs, it could be a piece covering the scalp, or the whole head, but it is primarily used in reference to wigs covering the whole head.

We have been wearing hair wigs for centuries and the evidence is present in ancient documents retrieved from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. These units are designed using real, artificial, or animal hair. Full cap wigs  are usually removed each night by the wearer and are also not worn during certain activities like swimming, bathing, or workout. 

Apart from concealing hair loss, a hair wig is also used for styling. Famous actors and musicians including Katty Perry, Lady Gaga, and Doja Cat wear wigs to make a style statement. 

Previously favored by women, the term ‘wig’ is also becoming famous amongst men to locate hair replacement products. Men’s wigs, however, often can refer to those that are stuck on to the scalp and not only those that are removed each night. For those men who specifically want removable wigs, the term used in the industry is often a clip in extensions.

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What is a Hair System?

A hair replacement system is considered far superior when compared to hair wigs and toupees. It is mostly made of human hair, hand-woven onto a premium base that is skin-friendly and breathable. A hair system is usually linked with male wearers and is a relatively modern term that has gained prominence in the past decade.

Unlike wigs that are becoming more and more fashion-focused, the concept of hair systems centers on delivering a realistic and undetectable hair hairline to men suffering from partial or complete hair loss. 

In recent years, women’s hair systems has become more popular also as the term refers to the types of ultra-modern and undetectable wigs that use superior production technologies.

There you go! 

We told you about the difference between toupee, wig, and hair system. The option you want to go with is up to you now. If you want a solution that can be attached to the scalp for many days without any need for removal, go with hair systems or toupees. Go with wigs or clip-on hair systems if you want your unit to sit on your head on a more temporary basis. 

Got any queries to ask? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair replacement experts. 

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