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What to Expect During Home Restoration After a Storm

Just about every home in the US is at risk of some form of storm damage, whether due to high winds, flooding, hail, or other factors. Hurricanes are a major threat to more than 32 million US homes, and that leads to many homeowners requiring home restoration services each year.

If your home has been damaged by a storm, it’s best to act quickly. The problems that storms can bring only become worse if they’re left unaddressed and unrepaired. To protect your home effectively following a major storm, you’re going to need professional home restoration services.

Always Put Safety First

Dealing with storm damage to your home is incredibly important, but you should take a moment to consider your own safety before making your next move. If a storm is ongoing, you might not be able to safely leave your home at this time.

This risk means you may have to wait to address the issues in your home. If you’re dealing with flooding, stay away from flooded areas — if high winds or debris have broken windows, avoid those rooms until the storm has stopped, and you can seek out professional help.

When a storm has seriously affected your home, you should take a few extra precautions. Shutting off the main water valve can prevent unnecessary flooding if pipes are damaged. Turning off your circuit breakers will eliminate electrocution risks if flood water comes in contact with your home’s wiring.

What to Do If Your Home Has Flooded

Flooding is a major threat during any storm and can even happen due to other events like seasonal snowmelt. When flooding does occur, it can cause permanent damage to your home if you don’t act quickly to remedy the situation.

The first order of business is removing water from your home. The water that has entered your home could have either overflowed your foundation or backed up from drains. In either case, it isn’t sanitary. Water from outside will have picked up plenty of contaminants, and any water backing up your drains can be much worse.

That’s why you should rely on professional cleanup services. These types of cleanup services are the people you need to call whenever you experience flooding, whether from storm damage or plumbing issues. They have the necessary tools and equipment to remove water from your home safely and sanitarily.

From there, the professionals can move on to drying out and sanitizing the affected area to prevent mold. Mold can have a major impact on any home following a flood. Most building materials are porous and can absorb water, giving mold the perfect environment in which to grow.

Just removing the water isn’t enough, and professionals use special tools and techniques to remove as much moisture as possible. They’ll also be able to determine which affected materials are safe to keep and which need to go.

How to Deal with Damage from High Winds

Water isn’t the only thing that can damage your home. High winds can strip away shingles and siding and damage windows with debris. In the worst-case scenario, high winds can lead to large branches or entire trees falling onto your home. Both minor and major wind damage needs to be dealt with to keep your home safe.

In cases of major damage, keeping your home safe is the top priority. A restoration company can provide emergency services to isolate the affected area and prevent water and pests from entering your home freely through a damaged area. Don’t go anywhere near downed power lines if there are any in your neighborhood.

Dealing with minor damage can be just as important. Missing shingles and siding, broken windows, and minor structural damage all create an opening into your home. This opening can invite pests like rodents and insects inside, where they can cause serious infestations.

Never Ignore Storm Damage

You might think that you don’t need restoration services because the damage is only minor, but that’s rarely the case. When damage lets water or pests enter your home, you could find yourself dealing with much more serious problems down the line. 

For any storm damage, big or small, your best bet is to reach out to a trusted professional restoration service near you.

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