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Why Renting is the Best Option in Arizona

So you’ve made up your mind and are set on relocating to Arizona. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, you can’t go wrong anywhere in the Grand Canyon State. With the big decision of relocating behind you, next comes the finer details of what life actually looks like for you here. You might be surprised to learn, but no matter where in the state you are planting roots, renting is likely the better option for you and here’s a few reasons why that’s the case.

There’s Less to Worry About

This is applicable if you are locating from another state or moving to a different part of Arizona. If you aren’t sure what this looks like first hand, trust me, you’ll have more going on that you’d expect and the process of renting is much more streamlined than buying a house.

Mind you, you’ll still have to qualify for the rentals you’re looking at, but the requirements are way less particular than they would be when buying. When renting, you’ll likely have to show no criminal history, proof you make enough to pay the rent, and have good enough credit.

Having those few things aligned is much easier work than considering all effort when buying a home, especially when considering you’ll likely be in a bidding war with other interested buyers.

It’s Easier To Move

There’s the possible situation where some time goes by and your love for the state grows, but you’d rather have your Arizona roots deeper in another part of the state. That feeling is completely possible, and normal if it happens.

Regardless of where in the state you are moving to or from, simply letting your landlord know you’ll soon be moving is way less effort than it would take to list and sell your home all while trying to buy a new one in this hyper-competitive housing market.

If you are new to the state, it’s possible you might not have a grasp on it right when you move there. Once the dust settles on your relocation, it’s easy to imagine yourself looking at what else is out there.

Maybe you’re reading about Sedona or browsing Glendale apartments and you realize a place like either of those places might fit your life a little better. Given you’re a renter, it’ll be a lot easier to get up and go to the next place within Arizona that you fall in love with.


From repairs to new appliances, as long as you are a renter, those are things you shouldn’t have to worry about. Imagining you are new to an area and learning what your life is like there, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost and effort associated with getting a new refrigerator in your house.

The plumbing stops working, that’s not on you. The A/C breaks down, that shouldn’t be more than just a few phone calls and no other stress. Depending on what type of rental, there may even be more work a landlord would cover. Make sure to get any questions regarding maintenance answered before signing your lease.

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