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Why Use Solar Panels? A Look at the Benefits

Americans are some of the worst on the planet when it comes to carbon footprints. On average, we produce about 16-20 metric tons of CO2 (each) per year.

To give you some context, the world average is 4 tons per person, per year. We’re producing four to five times more than people in other countries!

Reducing our collective carbon footprint is a great reason to invest in green energy. If you’re looking to do so and are interested in solar panels, you’re in the right place.

Below, we’re answering the question “Why use solar panels?” from both a macro and micro lens.

The Benefits of Solar Power on a Macro Level

Installing solar panels on your home is good for you and for the environment. It can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, which, in turn, can help us reverse the detrimental effects of global warming.

If you’ve paid any attention to The Weather Channel in the past five years, then you’ve seen those increasing effects first hand. Scientists have been warning us for years about how traditional energy sources are contributing to extreme weather events.

Investing in green energy is not only beneficial to you (see below), but it will give your children and grandchildren a safer planet to live on.

Individual-Level Solar Panel Benefits

It’s great to know that your interest in solar power will have long-range effects. But when you’re trying to sell your partner on the idea of adding solar panels to your home, sometimes you need some more right-here, right-now reasons.

The good thing is, there are plenty of those. Including …

Solar Panels Save You Money

Most people get spooked by the purchase and installation cost of solar panels. But if you take a deep breath and get past that, you’ll see how much this investment will pay off down the line.

You can make your investment back through city and state solar writeoffs, through selling unused energy back to your utility company, and by increasing the ROI on your home if you choose to sell.

Increasing Your Energy Independence

When you have solar panels, you’re only using energy from the grid when you run out of what you’ve made. That means that if you have enough solar energy, you won’t have to pay any utility bills, at least when it comes to electricity.

You’ll also be less reliant on the power grid if there’s an outage, as your solar battery is located in your home.

Finally, by selling back the solar power you don’t use, you’ll be helping your neighbors reduce their reliance on the electricity system in your city, too.

Your local solar company can set you up for all this – so give them a call today.

Why Use Solar Panels? It’s the Right Thing to Do

Whether you’re motivated by reducing your carbon footprint or saving money on your electricity, it’s easy to understand why many people love solar.

We hope this guide on “why use solar panels” helped you clear up your top reasons and moved you towards getting them installed on your home.

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