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X Ways to Make Money from Home During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic could completely turn someone’s life. Mass layoffs, vacations at their own expense, lower wages. All this can drive you into depression and significantly shake the family capital. If everything is difficult with work, and you are not sure of the future, you need to hiccup alternative ideas of earning now. The best option in a pandemic is to start making money at home. And now we’re not talking about stock exchanges, roulettes, casinos, and the like. We are talking about real work that will bring profit and can become the beginning of even your own small business.

1.The most popular way to make money at home is from creativity. Firstly, it is interesting to the person himself, who is ready to invest time and soul in his work. Secondly, at home, they make something that cannot be bought in the mass market, and individual orders, things in a single copy, clothes by their standards – this is what absolutely all people love. Consider this when choosing a quarantined activity.

2.Working with texts. Earning money writing essays is mutually beneficial cooperation between those who can pay for the work and those who know how to write an impressive paper. You can find essay writing jobs for yourself, for example, on — a website which offers full support for people with a good knowledge in different fields of studies. They hire people from all over the world providing their employees with a competitive edge salary. Working with EssayShark protects you from scammers and fraud since they use secure payment methods and have clear guarantees.

3.Create your training course. Do you have a hobby that you are perfectly familiar with? Teach this to others too! Create your course. These can be video tutorials where you show how to make something with your own hands. These could be guides with photographs of how to prepare meals. Gather all the information that you know yourself, structure it, take good photos, record a video and the online course is ready. You can sell it for a good amount. It will be even better if you start recruiting your students. That is, if they buy the course, they will be able to contact you personally and ask for help or additional information.

4.Editing photos, working with Photoshop. You can learn how to do color correction, lengthen hair and remove wrinkles in Photoshop in a couple of days. Meanwhile, many photographers and studios are often looking for someone ready to process several hundred photos quickly and efficiently. Becoming such a person is not a problem. You just need to set aside time for a couple of three video tutorials on Photoshop and after a couple of days, you can start working. Even a student will succeed.

5.Cooking. If you love to cook, this is a great step to start making money. Under quarantine conditions, it is problematic to sell a cake to order, but there is another option. Buy food and start preparing desserts that look delicious and unusual in appearance. Then take a beautiful picture of your masterpiece and proceed to the next one. At the end of the quarantine, you will have a whole portfolio of culinary delights. From it, you can easily make an account on Instagram, and there you can start selling baked goods to order. Another option is to contact the nearest coffee shop and offer cooperation. You give them cupcakes – they give you a platform for sale and part of the proceeds.

6.Sewing protective masks. How many people, who had stocks of interesting fabric and a sewing machine at hand, earned a lot of money by sewing ordinary cloth masks from cotton. During a pandemic, when a mask is in short supply, they try to buy it wherever possible. Young people love everything pretentious, so masks made of colored fabrics, fabrics with a print, fly away even for a pretty sum. Until the quarantine is over, it’s time to order several types of cotton and start sewing custom-made masks. Not only will you earn money, but, possibly, you will help someone by doing this.

7.Making pleasant little things. No, we are not talking about key chains and figurines that few people need. We are about things that please any woman. It can be handmade fragrant soap, a cool bath bomb with aromatic oils, and bright colors. Or it could be beeswax candles decorated with dried flowers and lace. All of the above is made quickly and easily, for which it is in unprecedented demand.

8.Writing Reviews, Reviews, Reviews – Many companies use a dishonest but effective way to gain positive reviews. They invite people to write a “purchase” review by paying them money. That is, the company gets its five stars, and you get paid for the review. You don’t need to buy anything. Also, many sites that sell books require people who will write reviews on them, retell them in a summary. You just need to read what is proposed, and then write your opinion about it. Yes, and they pay for it.

9.Tutoring. Children do not go to school in quarantine, but they still need to study. And online classes, even with the most diligent attitude, are unlikely to replace the educational process. And parents, if they work from home remotely, have no time for the child. Therefore, tutors in quarantine are becoming even more in demand than during normal times.

10. Courier work. As the practice of the first weeks has shown, online orders for delivery of goods and food to your home have increased dramatically. Accordingly, delivery services received an increase in orders many times greater than before quarantine. To work as a courier, you need a desire, a bicycle, and a bank card.

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