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10 hacks every traveller should know when travelling in India

India is a country of historical monuments and every city holds a significant place in history. Travellers have lots of places to explore and enjoy. Exploring India is different from the western countries. Western countries are totally different from India in all the areas. One needs to know certain hacks to make their travel easier in India:

  1. Get a local phone

While travelling in India, Getting a local becomes very important. Without one, you have to face problems in booking tickets online, calling on local enquiries etc.  Getting a sim and phone in India is not so easy, but it is probably worth.

  1. Ask other travellers and locals about places to live

Never go along with whatever the booking persons or the online reviews say. They may turn out to be false. Do your own enquiry about the places to live by asking locals and other travellers. When you meet other travellers ask them about their stay places cost, facilities etc. Even locals can help you to find the cheap and best places to live.

  1. Walk to the right side of the road

People from western countries face serious problems with Indian traffic and driving style. In general, walking to the left of the road i.e. with the traffic is easy but cars and motorcycles will pass by just a foot away which makes you feel like almost clipped. This feeling will be new to you if you are a non-Indian and with this feeling you can’t walk properly. So better walk to the right so that at least you would know when to dodge as traffic will be coming in the opposite direction.

  1. Carry your headphones

In general, people love to walk without headphones and allow the surrounding in. People from foreign countries where unnecessary honking is banned, may feel Indian roads too noisy. The vehicles on the road will keep on honking and touts on the roads will make you feel all irritated and you may feel like you head will burst out with pain. So it is good sometimes to block out these noisy sounds and stay in your bubble. Headphones help you in blocking out these disturbing sounds. To secure your things like your gadgets such as headphones you need the best lightweight backpack Choose what is safe and light as you travel in comfort.

  1. Medicines and safety steps

Accept the fact that weather change will make you sick. Especially for the people from cooler regions when they come to India, the hot weather will affect their health badly. Hence it is a must to carry the required medicines and safety precautions along with you everywhere you travel. The medicinal kit is a must present item in the luggage list.

  1. Book tickets in middle of the week

The unsaid rule for booking tickets is to book during the middle of the week. Weekends turn out to be costlier and there will be fewer chances to get a seat. Hence, it is always better to book flight tickets during the middle of the week rather than weekends. Thus you can save on your tickets efficiently.

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