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5 Tips for Organizing a Summer Get-Together

As the warmer weather continues to improve, what better time to have a get-together with friends and family? However, it can be particularly difficult to plan a gathering like this, especially for those who don’t know where to start. If this describes you, or you’re just looking to improve your own party planning skills, look no further. Here are five ways you can organize a memorable and fun summer gathering.

1. Find space to entertain

So, what’s your first step? A great place to start with your planning is deciding where you want your party to take place. Whether it’s going to be outdoors or within your home, these different settings can make for different atmospheres. Particularly during the summer, outdoor BBQs or pool parties are great ways to get your loved ones together for a little summer fun. With that said, there is nothing wrong with an indoor celebration to combat the heat or bad weather.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to your entertainment space is making sure it’s clean and tidy for your guests. Start with wiping down areas like tables and chairs then move on to dusting and vacuuming. If you’re looking to be extra safe, be sure to set up the furniture far enough apart so guests can maintain social distancing practices.  Once you lock down a location, it’s on to the next step!

2. Master the menu

No good party comes without great food. Whether you’re cooking on the grill or ordering from your favorite local restaurant, the food selection can certainly make or break a get-together. If you find yourself stuck on what to pick, consider going right to the source—your guests. Ask them what they have in mind for an ideal meal to take the pressure off your shoulders and make it easier to come up with a consensus.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling creative, try coming up with a theme for food that can make it fun for not only you but also the guests. Doing some research online can help you come up with ideas like a backyard BBQ or a healthy food exclusive party. Once you settle on the menu, you can narrow down the drinks.

3. Celebrate with cocktails

Cheers! Parties are all about celebrating, and no celebration is complete without cocktails to lighten up the mood. A great idea for any summer party is to create a mobile bar or drink station. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of crafting their perfect beverage in one central location. The key to alcohol at your party is making sure you have a variety. It’s important to remember that each person’s preferences are different so try and have an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic varieties, like wine, beer and spirits.

It can be easy for many hosts to forget about alcohol as it often ends up at the bottom of the checklist during preparation. If you find yourself in this scenario, consider effortless alternatives, like getting all your cocktail essentials delivered to your door with an alcohol delivery service, or even advising your guests to bring along their favorite bottle of wine or pack of beer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making sure the toast you share with friends and loved ones is special.

4. Plan around the weather

Rain, rain go away. What may be the most important (and most challenging) thing to plan your event around is the weather—particularly in the summer, which is the perfect time to go for a run or get one of those farm quads for sale and try it out on the field, but is also where the weather can be indecisive. As you’re planning your party, start by scouting out the perfect time and day. If you are planning an outdoor affair, aim for a sunny day that will make spending time outside enjoyable. If you’re staying indoors this won’t be a problem!

Next, take things like sun and wind into account. Try things like skipping tablecloths outdoors, providing chairs with proper shade, and making sure any food and drink items don’t float throughout the space. You will need to take all these weather factors into consideration as you’re crossing things off your to-do list.

5. Entertain to perfection

As the host, the ball is in your court as far as entertainment goes. Depending on the celebration and the number of guests coming to your get-together, you should have some creative or casual ways in mind to keep the entertainment going all night. Each party, as well as the guests attending, will be different. Take this factor into consideration when thinking about the entertainment aspect.

For example, family get-togethers and child parties are great for games and a swimming pool, while adult-only wine nights or BBQs are perfect for mingling and conversation-starting activities. It’s all about reading your audience, the occasion and their interests in order to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Are you planning to host a get-together soon? If so, be sure to check out these additional party ideas that can help turn your good party into a great one!

Now that you have all the guidance you need, it’s time to plan your get-together to perfection.

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