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12 Types of Printing for Creative, Exclusive & Elegant Wedding Invites

Brides are overwhelmed with terminologies unheard before. Take for instance taffetas, tulles, Chiavari, bentwood and so much more that’s new and confusing. As with the case of wedding stationery, printing techniques like letterpress and engraving may also sound tricky. To help you counter this setback, we’ve produced a detailed helpful guide to conquer all your wedding stationery printing challenges and make it easier for you to shop around. Read on!

  • Engraving

This particular technique is one of the oldest, finest and most formal when it comes down to wedding card printing in Dubai as well as other stationeries. In-fact, engraving dates back to 1700’s when messages were actually carved on different objects like stone slabs, tree trunks and roots so on. The process involves an etched copper plate, bearing a design and text (a wedding invitation in this particular case).  The plate is then layered with ink and pushed together with two tons of weight. Much like embossing, the pressure from the plate creates a raised scoring on the rear side of the paper.

Engraved invitations are easy to identify given their distinct look and feel however, one of the most expensive techniques as compared to other invitation printing types. The best hint of an etched invite is the indentation or “staining” at the back side.

  • Thermography

Thermography is a more cost-effective printing technique which involves mixing of the ink with a viscous powder that adheres to the stationery. It’s then heated which melts the resin and merges with the ink leaving behind a clean, slightly raised and shiny finished product (not as refined as engraving though). Since the process excludes an engraving plate, it’s less laborious whereas being fast and inexpensive as compared to engraving.

  • Letterpress

Letterpress is a printing technique that involves high-quality and thick paper. A design is selected and pressed with an inked metallic plate which transfers the ink, leaving a deep impression on the paper. 

Tip: Every colour requires a different plate. Stick to one-to-two colour palettes is a good option

  • Offset Printing/Lithography

Offset printing, lithography or flat printing as it’s called is performed by an inked impression from a plate to a surface similar to rubber-stamp which then transfers it to the paper. This particular type of printing produces a flat image and is considered a high-quality printing type as compared to digital printing. Offset for wedding card printing in Dubai is a budget-friendly option for brides looking for something innovative and high-quality than digital printing. It also comes with a lot of flexibility in colour options.

  • Digital Printing

Digital Printing today is probably the most common and performed by using computer graphics technology which transfers image files on the paper.

Unlike traditional printing, digital printers spray the ink on the paper rather than print through press. The finished product is flat, one dimensional in appearance. Still, digital printing provides the true colour and a sharp, crisp look that no other printing technique can.

  • Foil Stamping

One of the finest ways to throw some life, colour and glitz to your wedding invites is through “foil stamping”. The best thing about foil stamping is the availability of many different colours or finishes for instance matte, silver, holographic and more. This particular type of wedding card printingis special since a dye is created first which is then pressed against a special foil used for printing purpose. The design is then transferred from the foil on the paper which is pressurised and heated to produce a luxury effect.

  • Embossing

Much like engraving except that ‘embossing’ printing process excludes the use of ink. Image is raised by a copper plate whereas this particular type of printing is mostly used in creation of monograms, logos, decorative small images on wedding stationery and even high-quality business cards or letterheads. The final result is a clean, elegant and unique printed product that’s a class apart for weddings.

  • Gloss Press

Gloss-Press is a rare type of printing and offered exclusively by selected digital printing companies. Debossing process is used in this type of printing which is the opposite of embossing, the end result is a beautiful, elusive and delicate gloss on a finest paper. An indentation is created rather than the typical raised impression using a metallic dye which is stamped on the cardstock front.

As for wedding card printing in Dubai, gloss-press is one of the best options for those looking for a luxurious, elegant and unique wedding stationery without any overspending. From rustic to ultramodern, illustrative, vintage, bohemian and much more, gloss-press printing comes with many options for you to choose conveniently.

  • Laser Cut

Talking about a printing technique that’s made for wedding stationery; none other than laser cut. Wedding invites that are created from this particular printing technique are bold, beautiful, sophisticated, creative and amazing altogether.

  • Calligraphy

Nothing can replace the finest and ingenious craftsmanship of calligraphy when it comes down to writing, printing and stationery products. Although rare, handmade cards with manual inscription is indeed a high-class and creative work of art that’s purely elegant and makes for a perfect wedding invite. Hiring a professional calligrapher for this particular process is necessary unless you’ve the creative skill and artistic expertise to carry out the process yourself! Charges depend on the total number of words and per hour rate.

  • Downloadable Templates

For maximum convenience and an extremely pocket-friendly option, downloadable and ready-to-print templates are the first choice if you’re short of time and budget. Customised templates add to the convenience factor by providing you with a choice to design and print the invites as per the type of occasion be it wedding, engagement party, corporate event, simple thank-you cards and much more. If you’re in contact with a good and creative graphic or digital designer, consider the job well-done with maximum saving or, you can easily hire one only for a day.

  • DIY/At-Home Stationery Kits

For those who either despise fancy invites or simply want to walk on another route due to financial constraints, cost effective wedding invites that are created with special stationery kits are a perfect option. These so-called kits are actually digital software that can be downloaded and used for custom design and inscription. Once done, take as many printouts as you need using an inkjet or laser printer.

Important Considerations

Before placing an order for your wedding stationery, carefully brainstorm all that you need and jot down all the essential elements/items. This way, you and your spouse-to-be can work up some amazing wedding invites without exceeding the budget as well as exclude that which isn’t needed or unimportant.

The above list isn’t meant to be all-inclusive or a rule written in stone but the printing elements and types are shared for maximum convenience and choice to have yours done in a superb way.

If you’re having some trouble or confusion in deciding on the wedding card printing in Dubai, reach out to good digital printing companies in Dubai or wedding card professionals. Share your budget and ideas to have yours the way you want.

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