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4 Innovations That Bring Pristine Air To Your Home

One of the biggest problems one can encounter with their indoor air quality is struggling with stagnant and stale air. Especially when living in homes with little to no air circulation, or an apartment building, you can find yourself struggling to enjoy the smells you are presented with. Residing in an environment with few windows, or living in a city that tends to be smoggy and polluted can be difficult to cope with. 

If you have pets and they are kept indoors, this can also lead to unwanted smells and dusty, stagnant air in your home. If you are fighting with the air quality inside your home there are some ways you can bring pristine air inside your house and increase your peace and enjoyment at home.

Here are some tips that can improve the air quality inside your home.

1. Houseplants and Clean Air

While many people keep house plants as decorations or for company, they also serve an awesome purpose when it comes to increasing air quality inside. By including plants in your home, you will find your air feeling lighter, cleaner and it will increase your ability to breathe well. If you suffer from breathing problems, the addition of some plants to your home can be life-changing. Not only are house plants a great way to improve your air quality, but they also introduce pops of color and life into your living space.

Trees and plants are natural air filters and cleaners, and it has never been a better time to naturally clean your air with their help. Plants recycle the air and remove any pollutants, taking in carbon monoxide and releasing fresh oxygen through photosynthesis. Introducing plants into your home will improve your ability to breathe and enhance the overall quality of the air inside.

Pristine Air

This is a great option to try out if you are struggling with stale or stagnant air, especially in smaller rooms and spaces.

2. Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration and cleaning systems can be a great way to enhance the freshness and overall quality of the air you breathe. Especially if you keep multiple pets in your home these systems can reduce the animal smell, dander, and hair throughout your home.

Air filtration systems are wonderful items to have that can revolutionize the way you breathe. If you are looking to increase air quality check out an air purifier website for information on how they work and how they can benefit your family. By installing an air cleaner and filter in your home you will reduce the overall dust in your home and this also makes cleaning much easier, as you aren’t stuck dusting every day.

With many different systems on the market, from complex air filters that heat and cool, to simple one-room capacity filters, you are sure to find one that fits your lifestyle, budget and needs. 

Don’t struggle with breathing and allergy problems in your own home, install an air filtration system and see the changes for yourself.

3. Replace Furnace Filters Accordingly

Homeowners can sometimes overlook the small maintenance items that can enhance their overall quality of life, and changing the air filter in your furnace is one of them.

Standard forced air furnace systems require a filter change about every three months, and it is important to stay on top of this, to ensure you are breathing the best quality air possible inside your home. Upgrading your furnace filter can be a great idea, and you can purchase furnace filters specifically tailored with Hepa filters, or made to remove pollen and animal dander in your home. 

Ensuring you are using the proper air filter in your furnace system can be life-changing, and you will see the impact it makes on the air you breathe.

4. Opening Windows as Much as Possible

This is the most obvious solution, but can often be overlooked and fraught with problems. If you live in a climate that is not conducive to air out, and you find yourself with the windows closed a good portion of the time, it can be helpful to set aside a few minutes a day to let in some fresh air.

Without rejuvenating the air within your home, it will quickly become stale and stagnant. Open your windows to breathe fresher air, and replace the air that has been recycled within your home for who knows how long.

indoor air quality

Air quality is part and parcel of your health and that of your family. If you are inside and breathing dusty, dank, or stagnant air, you can find yourself with health and respiration issues that can affect you for years to come. Proper self-care begins with ensuring the air you breathe is crisp and clean. Don’t let poor indoor air quality affect your health and that of your family. 

Try out some of these great tips and find yourself breathing pristine air inside in no time!

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