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5 Interesting Home Decor Ideas

A small idea can make a big difference. Similarly, a small change in the home can bring a huge difference in its look and feel. Before starting on with anything, you have to do your own homework on the designs and styles available in the market. This homework helps you decide your own ideas. Five interesting home decor ideas that really make a huge difference are-

Wallpaper or art

Wallpapers or wall art brings a lot of difference to the room. A colorful wallpaper makes the room look brighter. Wallpapers are available with numerous textures. You can select them according to the look you want to bring. If you are on a budget, then instead of spending on the wallpaper, choose to go with wall art. You yourself can decorate your wall with arts. Before painting on a wall a little practice and a perfectly suitable design will do wonders.


Proper placement of curtains and the accompanying curtain hold backs make a huge difference. If the room is big, using internal curtains it can be split into two, whenever needed. These internal curtains make the room look more stylish. Placing these curtains in various models will enhance its beauty further. They can be hanged straight or in a diagonal way like the wings of a butterfly. There are many curtain hanging models available on the internet. Anything from a torn bed sheet to an unused dupatta of a dress can be used as a curtain.


Choosing the perfect rugs to cover the floor is important to bring a stylish touch to your house. These rugs are generally placed in the hallways or the living room as those the areas where general hangouts take place. This rug enhances the room’s look. These are available in different materials and patterns. A rug with a soft texture, simple pattern, and not too bright or dark colour goes along with most of the wallpapers and furniture.

Furniture placement

Placing furniture correctly allows you to save a lot of floor space and thus making a room look more spacious. In order to make the room spacious, always maintain the gap between the seating and walls behind it. Make the furniture in the room float. Thus creating enough space for proper cleaning and dusting. It is important to see that the tables placed in such areas should not be knee-knockers. Drum tables or small-sized round-shaped stools can be used instead of coffee tables. These minor changes make a lot more difference in how the room looks like.

Ladders for storage

Many people use racks for storage purposes. These racks occupy a larger area of the rooms. Ladders can be used for this purpose. A ladder occupies less space than a rack. It also gives a unique and new look to the room. It can be used anywhere in the house. It is easily movable. It serves multiple purposes. It can be used to store a pile of papers, as a bookshelf, blankets and pillow rack, shoe rack, etc.

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