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6 Must-See Attractions to Visit on Your Next European Holiday

Choosing the best destination for your holiday can be a daunting task, especially if you consider visiting European countries, from Italy’s most remarkable waters to Spain’s great beaches, not forgetting France if planning for a romantic getaway. These countries are known for their lively towns, which have a lot to offer, including fabulous eateries, museums, architecture, and nightlife. This article will highlight six must-see attraction sites you should visit.

1. The Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower is France’s most renowned marvel. It is at the core of the Champ de Mars in Paris. The tower was built to serve as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair.

It is a three-level tower that houses the best restaurants and cafés, gift shops, the tower’s history exhibit, and several observation decks. You can enjoy your favorite meal while looking at some of the best attraction sites.

The tower is accessible using the stairs or lifts, but this applies to only the first two levels. Level three is only accessible via the elevator.

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is an Austrian city best known for its music and monarchs. While here, visit the Habsburg family’s Schönbrunn Palace and its on-site Tiergarten, the home of the oldest zoo in the world. If you plan to move around the city or go to the airport, it is easy to transfer from Bratislava to Vienna due to the available transportation that you can book in advance. These services are 24/7, making it convenient to travel at any time of the day.

While music fans will likely enjoy visiting the House of Music and touring or watching a performance at the Vienna State Opera, art lovers are not left behind as they can head to the MuseumsQuartier Wien to peruse the exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art.

3. Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava is located in the coastal region of Catalonia in the northeast of Spain, not far from Barcelona. Its rocky coastline and fantastic beaches possess some of the crystal waters in the world.

You can enjoy numerous activities while in the region, including taking a walk along the coastal paths, diving or swimming in the coves of the deep blue sea, boat riding, or watching the beach view.

Towns around Costa Brava mark some ancient routes from the middle ages, such as Medieval architecture. Also, there is Dalí Theatre-Museum, built by a celebrated Spanish artist.

4. Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria 

If you ask any Bulgarian, they’ll tell you the Seven Rila Lakes is a must on your list. These seven glacial pools are rough and majestic, lying 8,200 feet above sea level in the country’s far northwest. You will understand the essence of free-living after you have a walk around this meandering terrain.

5. Venice Canals, Italy

Venice is Italy’s magical harbor city with plenty of adventure, history, and beauty to draw visitors. There are over 150 canals that run through Venice, joining 118 tiny islands via some 400 bridges and plenty of walkways.

Also, there are numerous distinctive passageways, alleyways, and hidden courtyards, such as Gothic and Renaissance structures that mark the banks of the canals. You can mainly acknowledge most of this astounding architecture from the water while sailing under the bridge and around the Grand Canal on a Venice water bus known as Vaporetto or on a gondola sightseeing tour.

6. The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The spectacular mountain lies right over the Swiss town of Zermatt, on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The mountain is perceived to be one of the most significant peaks in Europe.

If you love to hike, this is a popular site in the Alps. It is known for the Alpine forest, flowering meadows, and frozen lakes. The Matterhorn is a pyramid-shaped mountain making it unique, and you can climb it from all four sides. Also, you can take a ten-day walk around the mountain if you are not a fan of climbing mountains. 

In addition, during winter, regions around Matterhorn and Zermatt draw snowboarders and skiers. Ski lifts are also available in resorts such as Breuil-Cervinia high to the Theodul Pass. To understand the history of Alpinism, visit the Matterhorn Museum. There are also helicopter tours if you want to view the snow-covered peaks at a closer range.

In conclusion, Europe has so much to offer, and the sites listed above are some of the many, including exceptional restaurants, museums, breathtaking sites, gift shops, and architecture.

To enjoy your holiday, be sure to do some research on the thing you will be needing. Booking transport in advance will also make your trip remarkable; you can access these services online from taxis, shuttles, or buses to avoid long queues in the booking offices. Work on a convenient budget for you. The least you want is to be stranded in a foreign country. Also, remember to carry appropriate clothes depending on the weather.

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