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7 Places To Find A Classic Garden Trug

Trugs can be an ideal garden accessory that allows you to collect flowers, fruit, and other produce easier within the wide-based, flat basket. An authentic trug can also be perfect for weddings due to their elegant and traditional design. Whether you want to find a classic trug for your garden, or to give to someone, these are seven places to find a classic garden trug. 


Firstly, a high selection of trug designs, materials, and sizes can be found on Muldale. It is easy to browse through different options and find one that would be perfect for you. There are also sets available complete with gardening gloves, tools, and lining that would make a unique gift, too. 

Check out Muldale to find the ideal trug for your garden. Complete with flower baskets for weddings, and different colors to serve a range of purposes, this is a great place to find your perfect garden trug. 

Farmer’s Market

Another option that you can use to find more authentic, local creators of garden trugs is to plan a trip to your local farmer’s market. This can be a great way to spend a weekend and even share tips with other gardeners in the area. Consider planning a trip with friends if your farmer’s market is a little further away, and make a day out of it. 

The main drawback to this is that you may find yourself spending more money than you need to, however it is usually worth the experience that comes with visiting the farmer’s market. 


If you need a garden trug immediately, you could consider using Amazon to search for one with fast delivery. While this is one of the quicker options, the majority of the gardening trugs on Amazon are made from plastic. While this is more durable, a classic trug is not necessarily made out of plastic. 

If you need a trug to act as a prop, however, then Amazon could be an ideal option for you. Their wooden trugs have the appearance of a regular trug, but are slightly lower quality than the other options. For this reason, the plastic trugs from Amazon would be the most functional choice. 

The Royal Sussex Trug

For a more traditional UK based brand, check out the Royal Sussex Trug which ship around Europe and across the US and Canada. They create authentic and well-designed trugs for a range of different functions. Another interesting thing about this brand is that they offer trug making courses as well as information about the history of the small wooden baskets. 

There is no doubt that a certain amount of love, care, and skill has gone into every Royal Sussex Trug that can be found in their online store. 


Another way to find the right design and shape of trug that you are looking for is to search on Etsy. It is a site that small businesses and craftspeople use to sell their products and gain popularity within the online community. Check out Etsy to compare local artists and to find a high quality trug that is handmade as well as classic and authentic. 

Barber’s Baskets

Based in Oregon, Barber’s Baskets is another great place to find a classic garden trug. Specializing in a range of well-crafted handmade wooden baskets for anything you can think of. From Easter baskets for eggs, to picnic baskets and of course trugs. 

Barber’s Baskets can be an ideal option if you are considering purchasing multiple items with your trug that have all been made with a great deal of care. 


Finally, Gardenista is another great option to find a classic garden trug for all of your gardening needs. They compare a range of products and offer the best compromise of price, durability, and overall quality. This is also a great place to browse additional garden accessories including tools, and compare tips to generate the best possible produce. 

Check out Gardenista for more gardening inspiration and ideas for maximizing your garden’s potential. 


There are a surprising number of places to find a classic garden trug. Each supplier and option has their own range of pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which store would be the best choice. However, Muldale has the highest selection of trug styles, shapes, and colors. 

Make the most out of your garden trug by comparing the different options available. It can be used to collect your vegetables, fruit, and herbs, or you could incorporate it into your home decor or wedding. 

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