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9 Handbag Trends Every Fashionista Must Know for 2022 

The handbag is one of the trendiest accessories in a women’s collection and now even men are catching up. The Spring/Summer ’22 bag options are all about making your bag of choice work for your lifestyle, so forget about that “it” purse that doesn’t suit you. 

A new generation of chic bucket bags (opens in new tab) is perfect for carrying around practical belongings this season and well into summer, while smaller, portable clutch purses (opens in new tab) are great for carrying around the crucial triad of your keys, wallet (opens in new tab), and phone (opens in new tab). Additionally, the plethora of briefcase bags for the spring season will be your chic go-to for your laptop and a commuter shoe. So, we have brought you handbag trends before you go to shop handbags

  1. Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is undoubtedly something on this year’s bucket list. The timeless cut made multiple runway appearances and is as stylish as it is functional, you can store all your latest Tanzanite studs earrings. Most bucket bags are actually rather big inside, despite their more compact exterior, making them the ideal day-to-night bag. Choose modern structured styles from American fashion label Michael Kors in chic, neutral colors for a sharper aesthetic, or go for retro-inspired slouchier silhouettes for a more laid-back look.

  1. Classic Crossbody

The season of warm weather will be dominated by crossbody bags. Why? They go great with almost anything in your summer clothing, are simple to sling over your shoulder, and free up your hands for all of your summertime adventures. A crossbody will make your breezy summer life that much easier, whether you’re still clinging to your micro bag or looking for something larger to store all your things (and then some).

  1. Work Bag

You need a reliable and fashionable bag that can hold your laptop, notebook, and other business requirements whether you’re working from the office or your preferred coffee shop. The work tote may conjure up images of plain neutral totes, but it’s time to update it with fresh textures and silhouettes and breathe new life into the workplace (wherever that may be). To ensure you have room for smaller necessities like pens, lip gloss, and your phone, Tanzanite pendants, look for clothing with several pockets.

  1. Baguette Bag

Although they have been making a comeback for a while, baguette bags will still be widely used this summer. You won’t have any trouble finding a baguette bag at any handbag shop to go with your favourite summer outfit because brands are currently releasing them in vibrant, new hues.

  1. Elongated Tote

The elongated tote, first seen on the spring/summer 2022 runways, is both stylish and practical. There is no need to be concerned about it collapsing and spilling out its contents because it has a flat base that retains it erect when you place it on a flat surface. It’s simply the casual glam addition to your summer wardrobe that you’ve been looking for.

  1. On The Lanai 

Maybe you have a cool grandma who doesn’t mind if you raid her wardrobe. If not, designers like Anthropologie and Staud are infusing rattan and bamboo details into their designs to reflect a retired lifestyle. So gather your belongings, pour a Tang, and enjoy soaking up the Florida sun.

  1. Blinding Brights

Vibrant hues for the summer? Not quite ground-breaking, but lovely. The more color, the better during this season. Regardless of which handbag design you prefer, try pausing the neutrals and experimenting with bright pink, neon green, or tangerine orange.

  1. Mini Bags

Mini bags have taken over our Instagram feeds since Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito Bag debuted in 2019 with their vivid hues and diminutive design. And even while this fad may seem stale, heritage houses are giving little bags a fresh look by using timeless silhouettes. Christian Dior set the standard with its miniature version of the iconic Lady Dior Bag (you can read about its history here), which Channel followed with a smaller version of its iconic 2.55 purse. Less really is more, as evidenced by these more compact silhouettes.

  1. Shoulder Bags

It’s true what they say: ’90s shoulder bags are still in style. Since they look as fantastic as JW Anderson’s Bumper Slim Shoulder Bag, we can’t say we’re upset about it. The shoulder becomes a representation of carefree femininity and sass thanks to fashion it-girls Bella Hadid and Hari Nef (all you need now is a flip phone).

End Note

Discovering a new handbag is similar to finding new love. There are reliable handbags that will no doubt keep you happy, but there are also newbies that have the energy you can’t help but notice.

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