Eating Out in Chicago

A Guide to Eating Out in Chicago

Chicago is a vibrant city on the shore of Lake Michigan, and like many large cities, it offers a host of dining options for foodies. Whether you love hot dogs, classic BBQ, or the local specialty, deep dish pizza, your taste buds will thank you when you eat out in Chicago!


As already mentioned, Chicago is famous for its deep-dish pizza. This classic tall crust pizza with thick, creamy mozzarella and tomato sauce was first invented in the 1940s, but it has stood the test of time. You don’t eat a deep-dish pizza with your hands, that would be uncouth! No, you sit down in a restaurant and use a knife and fork. 

For a true classic deep dish with a delicious, caramelized crust, visit Burt’s Place on Ferris Avenue in Morton Grove. For takeout, check out George’s Deep Dish on N Clark Street. The spinach and cheese pizza from Bartoli’s on W Addison Street also deserves a special mention.


Chicago is also famous for its steakhouses. A trip to Chicago would not be complete without a meal in a steakhouse, but the hard part is deciding which one to visit. As you might expect, there are a great number of excellent eateries to choose from!

Gibsons on N Rush Street is the most iconic steakhouse in Chicago. It has been the place to go for 25 years now, and it serves a huge selection of cuts, from 48-ounce porterhouses to Australian-bred steaks. For a steakhouse with an Argentinian vibe, visit Artango Bar & Steakhouse on N Lincoln Avenue. You can enjoy their delicious grass-fed beef steaks while watching the tango dancing. Diners on a budget must try Tango Sur on N Southport Avenue – the filet mignon with red onion sauce is amazing. 

Italian Beef

Chicago has a big Italian community, and Italian beef sandwiches are a much-loved local favorite. This delicious meaty sandwich was invented on the South Side. The beef is cooked long and slow, so it falls apart in the mouth. It is then put together with dripping and pickled vegetables to create the mother of all sandwiches.

If your mouth is watering for an Italian beef sandwich topped with spicy peppers, you will be delighted to learn there are lots of places where you can sample this local delicacy. Nana’s Hot Dog stand on E Irving Park Road serves lots of variants, including cheesy beef. At Bob-O’s Hot Dogs on W Irving Park Road, you can eat an amazing beef sandwich served with hand-cut fries. Mr. Beef and Pizza on N Harlem Avenue adds extra red pepper flakes to the sandwich, and it’s amazing!

Sweet Tooth Options

So far, it’s been all about the savory, but anyone with a sweet tooth needn’t despair. Eli’s Cheesecake on W Forest Preserve Drive sells world-class cheesecakes with all-butter crusts. For soft cinnamon rolls, head over to Ann Sather’s Swedish Bakery on W Belmont Avenue.

Chicago is also blessed with numerous other dining options, so if you are searching for a vegan restaurant Chicago like Native Foods, you are in luck!

Make sure you pack some stretchy pants in your suitcase when you visit Chicago. Once you have visited all the options above, chances are you will have gained a few pounds. Luckily, you will have ample opportunities to do plenty of walking while you are in the city!

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