top countries to visit in Asia

Our top 5 recommended countries to visit in Asia

It’s hard to overstate the sheer breadth of things to see and do in Asia. Touropia has reeled off numerous jaw-dropping statistics about Asia — including that it is the largest continent in the world and home to over half of the planet’s population.

Still, there is only so much that dry figures like these can tell you about what it is actually like to explore this massively diverse continent, which extends from the Mediterranean Sea’s shores and as far as the Pacific Ocean. So, which Asian countries should you prioritise checking out?


Of course, exactly which Asian countries constitute the ‘best’ for tourists to visit can only be a subjective judgement. However, you are unlikely to go far wrong if you take account of which territories the public are especially fond of. 

For example, you could heed that India has been voted the fourth best Asian country in the Condé Nast Traveller People’s Choice Awards 2022, with the website itself hailing India as “a beautifully chaotic nation”.


Singapore might be very small compared to the other countries mentioned in this article, but this city-state has picked up quite an impressive range of plaudits. 

For example, this country situated at the Malay Peninsula’s tip has been praised for its wealth of appealing shopping outlets. Meanwhile, almost half of the land in Singapore comprises parks and gardens — making Singapore arguably one of the greenest cities in Asia.


Even just the mention of Thailand probably makes you feel instantly more relaxed. After all, this tropical hotspot has beautiful islands and soothing spas aplenty — making Thailand a great place for you to physically and mentally regenerate.

What if you are in the mood for a setting much more bustling than the picture we have just painted here? In that case, you could set aside time to spend in the country’s vibrant cosmopolitan capital Bangkok, where the nightlife and street food particularly warrant attention. 


Given the long length of time that many people had to postpone their travel plans as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the especially strict travel restrictions imposed by Japan during that time, the country’s post-lockdown popularity probably shouldn’t be too surprising.

There’s a lot to embrace in the Land of the Rising Sun — from the subtropical beach scenery on the archipelago of Okinawa to the snow-capped mountains of Niseko during the winter.

Fortunately, you can get around many of the country’s top-tier tourist attractions more easily as a result of booking one of the Silversea cruises that cover much of Japan.

South Korea

If you are keen on doing some overseas shopping, Seoul in South Korea would be a great place for you to do it.

The Travel enthuses: “The capital city might be one of the best places in Asia to shop, thanks to its 24-hour malls and local designer outlets.” 

However, the same website also recommends that you schedule your trips to South Korea and Seoul for June, before the summer heat becomes seriously unbearable for tourists.

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