Australia is Much More Than Kangaroos 

Australia is known worldwide for its kangaroos, the country’s national symbol, which appears on its coat of arms, currency, and even on postcards and airlines. However, this beautiful country is much more than just kangaroos. Here we tell you three reasons to visit this astonishing territory. 

1. Australia has unique, diverse landscapes 

Australia is the largest country in Oceania and the sixth-largest in the world, so being a nation with greatness in its size, it provides a variety of landscapes and climates; plus, it has deserts, rainforests, and mountain ranges, which make it unique to explore. 

Being such a large country, there are many wonders to find. Here we will mention some: 

* Its great beaches. Australia has some of the best beaches, with a coastline of more than 23,000 miles (ca. 37,015 km); so if you want to rest, surf or swim, you will find the perfect spot to do so.

Among the most beautiful beaches are Shelly Beach, Sydney Whitehaven Beach, Cable Beach, Four Mile Beach, and Hyams Beach, the latter primarily known for having the whitest sand in the world.

In addition to its white beaches, Australia has the longest coral reef in the world! An ecosystem called the Great Barrier Reef that is a masterpiece of nature. You can dive and be impressed by its beauty. The reef can even be seen from space!

* Tropical vibes and snow for skiing too. Australia has great diversity in its geography; there, you can find tropical forests with incredible waterfalls to bathe in and enjoy with friends or family. On the other hand, you can relax with those you love the most on a beach sunbathing as well. Or if we take it to a more extreme place, you can ski near Melbourne at the same time of the year, amazing right? Australia has a different climate for every taste!  

* Wildlife, everywhere you are! In this country,you can see kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and kookaburras, among others. So be careful when you’re on a road trip. You can find these animals roaming the road! 

2. Sydney and Melbourne are incredible cities! 

If you’re in Australia, you can’t miss visiting the most cosmopolitan and captivating cities with dynamic and vibrant atmospheres. Sydney offers excellent nightlife and beaches. On the other hand, Melbourne, with a more European style, gives you a perfect gastronomic life to fall in love with.  

3. Australia still has a conservative Aboriginal culture 

Australia still retains a solid Aboriginal identity by preserving Indigenous groups that include more than 600 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These groups have developed over 50,000 years and were original settlers before colonization.

Today you can visit many sacred places, like Ayers Rock, the sandstone monolith that has had Indigenous ceremonies for over 10,000 years. The local Anangu community believes their ancestral beings still live there. 

Are you curious about Australia? With you can make this trip a reality! You can apply for the Australia eVisitor visa and head to this grandiose country!

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