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A landlords guide to common property issues: tackling the top three

There are a lot of common issues when it comes to being a landlord of a property, and despite what you might think, they aren’t necessarily caused by tenants, either. In reality, it is more likely to be the natural wear and tear on a property after years of use or lack of maintenance on your part. You aren’t living in the property, so it can be difficult to see things change over time. This can be something that you might find to be a little bit frustrating, as it can be tricky to deal with if you have a tenant in the house and you want to get in there and fix it. So, to help with that, here are some of the common issues you might have with your property, and what you can do to tackle them. 

#1 Water 

As a landlord, water is probably your worst enemy. It can cause a lot of problems and it can make doing simple fixes into big, expensive jobs. This can be something that you are going to need to make sure that you stay on top of, but it can be daunting if something has gone wrong. Here are some of the risks of water damage, and what you can do about it. 


There are many risks that come with water damage, such as, 

  • Black mold, which can cause discomfort and a lot of stress when young children are in the property.
  • Damage to structural integrity. This can cause ceilings to cave, and wooden beams to rot (which is a serious problem if you have a grade-listed property) and it can also cause damage to your tenants’ possessions too. 
  • It can attract pests. This isn’t just silverfish which will eat the house (and furnishings) and give your tenants a nasty shock if they fall from the ceiling; but it can also be mites, cockroaches, and even termites and woodworms. 

How can you solve this problem?

There are a lot of ways that you can temporarily solve the problem. However, there is one sure way to make sure that the problem is fixed. You can try to fiddle around and try to fix it yourself, potentially causing a larger issue, or you can hire professionals to keep on top of leak detection and fix the problems as soon as they are seen. This can really help you stay ahead of potential water-related incidents. 

#2 External weather damage

External weather damage can also cause water damage. It can cause problems with your roofing, and your windows, as well as doing a number to your yard. However, wind damage can create issues alongside the tail ends of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. This can be a stressful thing for a landlord and their tenants to go through and can be very expensive to fix. Here are some of the risks of weather damage.


There are many risks that come with weather damage, such as;

  • Roof damage, which can be caused directly by strong winds, or debris that is flying on it. This can also be caused by trees falling down in strong winds as well. 
  • Breakage of possessions and loss of items, especially in the garden or out of windows in harsh weather. 
  • Can cause cracks in walls and damage structural integrity. This can be caused simply by strong winds, or other types of natural disasters. 

How can you solve this problem?

There really isn’t much you can do to stop natural forces from doing a number on your rental property. However, basic maintenance and care can help reduce the amount of damage done. You might find that this can be costly, but if the home is somewhere where there are a lot of strong winds, such as on a hilltop or on the seafront, you are going to need to make sure that you are doing bimonthly checks on the property to make sure nothing is coming lose and has the potential to cause a larger problem later. 

#3 Issues with your loft space or attic

This one is a tricky one to keep on top of. Issues with your property’s attic can cause a lot of problems to the whole property, and damage in an attic can be a leading cause of both issues with water damage and drafts. Because attic spaces are rarely checked, they can have all sorts of issues up there without anyone noticing before it has gotten so bad that it is affecting the rest of the property. Here are some of the risks of attic problems.


There are a lot of problems with attic issues. Here are some of them,

  • Condensation, which can cause water damage and mold build-up.
  • Drafts, which can waste electricity and might negatively affect a resident’s health. 
  • Can be a prime spot for pests to nest, which can disrupt the lives of your tenants and potentially damage the property. They can also cause foul odors and diseases to enter the building. 

How can you solve this problem?

As with most things, it is wise to give your property regular checks. This can really help you when it comes to making sure that your insulation is pressed flush against the wall, and make sure that there aren’t any extra creatures living in the house that you don’t know are there. You can also close off access to the loft to your tenants (as long as you regularly check it yourself) as they might go up there and damage or fiddle with insulation or damage the inside of the roof and eves. 

To wrap everything up

In conclusion, there are some big, stressful problems that every landlord has to deal with at least once; however, there are some ways to reduce the probability of it happening. By getting expert help, ensuring that you are doing frequent checks on your property, and by making sure that you are taking certain precautionary measures, you can help reduce the risk of getting some of the most common, but potentially the most dangerous and expensive property issues there are for landlords in the modern era. 

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